2 terrians in DCS World not loading?

I did a new install of DCS world and all it’s DLC… now I had to go through and activate a bunch of the DLC, but I don’t remember ever being asked to activate the terrain…

Anyway, their all installed and I have the keys for activation but both Nevada and Normandy won’t launch… Am I missing something? Suppose to activate elsewhere? Don’t see the old activation program it use to have, just in game when it asked first time I booted it up.

Thx for any info.

Just going to add this here so not to start another useless thread… the new IL2 series… is that suppose to be installed via Steam now… or from the web site directly? Which is the preferred. Thx.

Ed have bat files to download in the support section. Try running the files for the missing terrain. I have had to use them several times over the years

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I believe Terrains have a separate tab in the activation page.

You can buy new Il-2 from them directly OR from Steam.

If directly from them download from them and run the launcher.

If Steam then do that Steam thing.

Thanks, already have them purchased from them directly, but I think it moved to Steam because it’s in my Steam library now… think I had to activate them on Steam once I bought from them… new computer, so new install of everything. Just can’t remember how that worked.

NEVERMIND, found it… got to hit DRM to open activation window for terrain. thx.

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