20 years ago today Ghost Recon was released

20 yrs ago today the still champ of tactical shooters was release. 10 years ago I did a article for SimHQ on 10 reasons why Ghost Recon is still the best. Ten years later nothing has changed, still undefeated IMO.

Ubisuck needs to go back and remake it without all of today’s BS like unlocks, clown skins, and crates. A true remake of the original series would be awesome.


Ah carry handle optic mounts and Colt Commando flash hiders. I have a copy, but never actually played it much. Maybe time to dust it off.

Man I had a great time with that game. I sucked at it. But I loved playing it.

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So I re-installed the original, was going to play and broadcast it for the anniversary… I set it up, BTW it runs great on modern PC’s… started the first mission just to get the cobwebs out… sent C team to the left to watch our flank, they all died within 30 seconds. I went forward towards the first objective with A team, just peeked my head up over the terrain just enough to see the objective, was zooming in (mouse wheel) on the first target about 100 yrds away, a guard… BANG, 1 shot I was dead, mission over… I exited the game… said nevermind. lol

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I played a ton of it, and I recall getting it on release. Played the whole thing through coop several times, and its addons. No GR after it was ever the same. GRAW, Wildlands/BP, and certainly not the console versions like GR2.

Too bad.

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