20 Years of Eagle Dynamics

Cool video!

I started with Flanker 2.0 and haven’t looked back since!


Yep, brings back a lot of memories. Gives good perspective on DCS and what they are trying to do now compared to where they were.

“Batumi - Enfield 1-1” :smile:

That was a really nicely done video. Just needed to some 1.5/2.0 EDGE at the end.

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Really cool stuff!
As someone who has been around for most of those years (I even created a user account on the ED forums in… 2004 or so but forgot the pw and even the name at some point) it is great to see that development, it brings back lots of memories. I remember being blown away by LOMAC graphics for example. :smiley:

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Some fun old reviews, where Gamespot gave Flanker a very precise 7.7 out of 10.

" I’d say it’s better than Falcon 3.0. It’s that good."

“SVGA video graphic card with 1Mb, Joystick recommended”


I do remember my 486SX not really cutting it.

Of course, you do know what this means. We’re getting old. Eeek!

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Fantastic video (added a Mudspike comment to the comment section) - thanks for sharing it @weaponz248

I suppose for those of us that have been there through it all…it explains why we are so floored by what we see and experience today…and perhaps are a bit more tolerant of the bugs and slipped schedules, etc… The progress is just astounding. Here’s to 20 more years (at least)…


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It was long time ago…

but do we really need new graphic engines? it will be cool to be able to run DCSW on the old Flanker engine :smile:

Frankly, if it weren’t for the performance, but pure visual quality I’d be happy with the DCSW graphics we have now. I am in for more simulation features.

But that’s off-topic. I remember something cool from when LOMAC was released (2003 I think) that I’d like to share:
Back then I regularly read a German gaming magazine called “GameStar”. Their scale is a “fun rating” in percent, so 90 is a very high rating. I think the most that ever happened to a game was 96%.
They had a test of LOMAC in it, and the bottom line basically read:
“LOMAC is the best simulation of modern air combat ever. But still not a game.”
They gave it 46% I think, but there was a note next to the number that said: “Simulation fans, just double that number.”