2001 : A Space Tribute - A 4K 3D Animated Tribute to a Sci Fi Masterpiece

Just wanted to share with other Sci-Fi fans…


Amazing. Still one of the most beautifully shot movies I’ve ever seen.


Looking at this and his Blade Runner tribute, it’s clear that mankind’s imagination far outpaced its technological and industrial wherewithal.


I tend to think it’s our attention span that is lacking. I can’t help thinking that we could do these things and more if we could just pay attention for more than three seconds.

Imagine the resources and effort of WWII but, you know, focused on bettering mankind rather than bashing each other’s heads in with bones because the big black golden ratio monolith thing tells us how to. :wink:


Compounded by a 3 to 5 year election cycle that politicians and the people who could implement these type of programs can’t see beyond.


Not for the first time when I watch some older movies, I have to sigh that something like this could almost certainly never be made nowadays.

Star Trek the motion picture was probably the last time there were such slow and extended sci-fi space visuals, and I get the feeling that audiences back in the day were more accepting of highbrow and cerebral experience’s.

If made today, there would have to be explosions, and armed velociraptors would probably be guarding the monolith on the moon, leading to a major battle.

Later, the stargate would be a wormhole with an invasion fleet on the other side, and the star child would be harboring a disease or something meant to wipe out the human race…

Tension, battles and splosians’ galore!


Star Trek the motion picture was a HUGE disappointment for most fans of the franchise when it came out. If Wrath of Khan had done as poorly at the box office the entire franchise could have ended after those two movies.


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I’m not saying I wouldn’t go get tickets just to see that scene…


Velociraptors would be pretty effective against space-suited moon explorers.


I always think of Dr strangelove.

Let me preface this by saying its probably in my top 5 films of all time (maybe top ten, I’ll do a list. I like lists)

But that film, if released today would be as boring as hell. Very few laughs, very little action, huge massive gigantic rambling monologues about extremely technical subjects. Regardless of the genius of peter sellers playing multiple characters, it has nothing going for it apart from the fear of the bomb at the time of release.

Think about how slow burning films of that time were and how much more patient you had to be with all entertainment media. The whole world was slower than now. Everything is instant now. If i have to wait more than 5 seconds for netflix to load and start playing i turn it off in a huff.

The slow burn of these classic films like 2001 and trek and all of them is the genius behind them.