2017 Health & Fitness thread


Holy cow that is fast.
Good work!


I’m not quite on the level where I was in the beginning of November but I’m getting there.

November 2016:



I decided that I had to stop gaining weight. I put the bottle down and cut my food intake last week. I hope I can stay on the bandwagon. I started out 177 pounds. Lets see how I am by the end of this week. I’m short, so a pound is the same as five for a 6 foot guy. At 5.8 (almost) I don’t gain and lose a lot. I gauge by my waste and how I feel. I ran 12km last week at 4 km intervals. This week I am on night shift. Not easy to get back on the program.
I am happy to see you guys getting serious and in shape.


I am below 94kg the last three days. Not bad for the first month if I dare say so.
I will continue eating a bit less and slowly ramp up the training. At that pace I will probably reach goal one in summer.

My goals:
0: get below 95kg - reached.
1: get below 90kg
2: run 3km in less than 20min again
3: run 4km again without dying. No walking.
4: get somewhere near 85kg

Hmm… I forgot to think about rewards.
Some Warhammer miniatures or something.
Maybe a new PC or an Oculus Rift for goal 4.
I should probably also ask my wife for more reward ideas…


How about an A6 module? I hear they’re worth the wait.



PS: yes, forum gods, it is a complete sentenc… well, almost. For my standards it is.


So I’ve not been making yuuuuge progress the last two weeks - sort of maintaining a few pounds down…but pool season is right around the corner, so time to buckle down again. I got rid of my “spinning” bike (a Marcy) and upgraded to a Livestrong LS6.0R Recumbent bike. I get enough upright riding on my mountain bike and tri-bike, and I honestly just want to sit and watch TV and do my ride in an easily accessible fashion.

I picked this thing up off Craiglist - they are usually around $700…and I spotted this ad up in one of the ritzy areas of town listed for $300. I sent the guy an e-mail and told him I could be there in an hour with $150 and lift it into my car myself and he took the deal. It is barely used at all, functions perfectly, and is really nice. I did read some reviews that state the mesh seatback will probably eventually break, but I’ll engineer something better. The thing is super quiet, has all kinds of profiles (mountains, flats, weight loss, heart rate maximizer, “Tour” mode, etc…). I got it moved up to my bedroom yesterday (that was a workout in itself!) and did a 30 minute weight loss profile, which was a nice way to start. It will track stats, watts, miles ridden, calories burned, has a heart rate monitor, etc…I really like it way better than the spinning bike and has the distinct advantage of the fact I won’t get run down by a teen that is texting.

And for added incentive - I came up with the “Sand Bucket Challenge”. So this was an idea I got a few weeks ago while I was at the grocery store. I was picking up some cat litter for our indoor cats, and I don’t know if you’ve ever lifted one of those tubs of litter, but they weigh 35-40 lbs.! So I hadn’t gotten a cart, and I’m hauling this 40 lbs. (18 kg. for you more enlightened species) bucket up to the front of the store and I plop it down on the counter, and I look at the weight listed on the bottom of the bucket. Tidy Cats - 40 lbs. And I think to myself - I’m 50 pounds overweight. Essentially, I’m carting the equivalent of this bucket of cat litter around with me - all the time! That was sort of like an “aha” moment…I gotta get this train down to 190 lbs…

So now, I have a “Sand Bucket Challenge” in my bathroom (hopefully the cats don’t mistake it for a litter box…) and it is full of 40 lbs. of sand. As I drop each pound, I get to scoop out 1 lb. of sand. The goal is simple - empty the bucket…! It is a nice visual representation of the goal. I suppose I could use 40 lbs. of pig fat or something even more appropriate, but the smell after a couple months…err…we’ll stick with sand. I know it is kind of stupid and trite, but it is actually a kind of cool thing to see the bucket emptying. It seems to be working for me.


Nice! I love those bikes. Great way to warm up before a run! I think your sand bucket is a nice visual representation, should work quite well!

Note that the HR monitor thingy’s on those are pretty terrible in my experience.


Excellent idea, Beach! I saw a similar idea on one of those anti-fat people shows where they had the trainees ADD weight as they lost it. The idea was to enforce the extra weight they were removing and encourage them to not slip and add it back on to their body.

In your case, maybe the cats can “add” any weight you gain back. Seems like it’d be a pretty strong encouragement to keep the weight loss going the right way!


LOL…that just struck me as a funny term…


You do know about the “Thin priviledge” crap, right?
When I found that I had to facepalm so hard that it really hurt.


And I know I’ve mentioned this before, and while they are not strictly on my low carb diet (they have about 15 net sugar carbs), they are delicious for a one-a-day treat after or during a workout. The honey, chocolate, and vanilla ones are really tasty… I think @TheAlmightySnark was showing us some home grown Belgian kinds before…I need to get my hands on some of those…


I think that those are relatively expensive compared to what @TheAlmightySnark has access to in the Netherlands. You should be able to find a cheaper source.

ex: 36 for $25 us


Oh man…never shop hungry! Sold!


I guess we each have our own sources of “quick energy”.


Sunflower seed butter. Goes great with apples.


Yeah you are correct, if I’d exclude tracking numbers I could send about 150 for about that kind of money to @BeachAV8R!


First run of the month with the puppy. Pace is a bit slow because we ran into a dog park buddy of hers, and apparently she’s currently terrified of wooden bridges over dams.


Hmmm… Pool season you say?
I think you will be fine.


The 40lb Tidy Cat bag is a really great metaphor, and 190 would be a great place for me to end up as well Chris. So, I’m going to try to stay with you. My sand bucket will be a calorie counting app called Lose It! So installing that now and will link my Fitbit scale.

Killer deal on the bike too. Basically you stole it, I had been thinking about one of those as well, having given up road cycling after 20 years.