2017 Health & Fitness thread

I figured Jan. 1 was as good a time as any to start. I’ve actually been anxiously awaiting it - willing it forward so I could start. Long story short - I’m 45 years old, 6’ 2" and two years ago I was 190 lbs. and ran/swam/biked my first triathon. Fast forward to today - 235 lbs…! Insane!

So starting tomorrow this will be my weight loss diary. I’m probably going to start with light running, lots of hiking, and lots of biking to keep the damage to my knees minimal until I drop 20 pounds, then increase the running. 80% of the work will be done by diet alone…I’ve been eating like absolute crap the past two years. The goal is 185 lbs…

Hope everyone else finds great continued great or improved health and motivation this upcoming year! I’ll update my top post regularly.


I’ll join you in this challenge once I get home from this trip. I ran my first half marathon back in October but literally stopped once that was over and done with. It’s almost like I have to sign up for events through the year to keep me motivated…

I’m guessing I am about 215 Lbs, and 185 seems like a good target for me too.

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Don’t do imperial measurements, you yanks gotta learn to accept modern times. you know swap dodo feathers and dragons teeth for the metric system.

But in any event, the scales groan, the lurve handles grow. Don’t want to get cankles.

So inspire me @BeachAV8R. That mankini isn’t going to wear itself


I blame it partially on our lifestyle. I have almost no set eating schedule…hitting diners at all hours of the night and wee hours of the morning…and a lack of discipline to choose the healthy options. On the road food is what is killing me.

Yeah, 45. That’s when the wheels come completely off :smile: Fortunately, you can bolt them back on at any time.

Ooh, count me in. The wife and I have been doing a diet thing for the last couple of months (no dairy, no grains, no alcohol, test for food sensitivities, eliminate those). It ended the day before Christmas, but I’m planning on continuing with the basic framework. Very, very little booze, very few whole grains, no sugar, no soft drinks, and sticking mostly to meats, beans, fruits, and vegetables. I’ll get my numbers in the morning, after I sleep this off.

I’m 60 in August, 1.72m, 100kg exact this morning!

Doctor told me a few days ago my cholesterol levels are creeping up and need to keep an eye on my blood pressure.

Cycling is my big love and I do long distance stuff but the fatter I get the harder it is to do. In 6 days I will be entering for the London-Edinburgh-London cycling event. (1400km in 116 hours starting in July). My aim is to get down to 85kg at least and get back to where cycling is a pleasure again instead of a survival event.

Flight sims don’t help but I’m not cutting that out, maybe I can set it up so I can fly while on the turbo trainer, (any ideas anyone?)

Anyways, I’ll keep you updated.

That’s a very solid approach. Another important motivator, whether you walk or run, you still put feet in front of eachother and each step helps. And what pretty much everyone says in r/running: “If you think you go slow, go slower”. Because starting off too quick is a prime method to get some nice injuries. Also keep in mind that your muscle tissue strengthens quicker then your bones, give them time to catch up!

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Hi Chris,

I`m 41 and had the same problem last year. I stopped doing sports if my wife was pregnant 7 years ago.
Last year I changed some things. First I have a food diary and count calories and I started with sport again.
I make pull ups, sit- ups and push- ups for the body and a little bit of jogging. And I started with indoor climbing.
All in all I lost 15kg, my jeans are now 33/32 (started with 38/32).

I bought this book:

For me it worked and works.



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I’m 38 around 1 meter 87 and just under 89 kilos.
And as an idiot I started 2017 by pulling my back.
I’m now in bed waiting for the doctor to come home and inject me either something that kills me or the pain.
TIL: Don’t dick around when giving a bath to your children.

Also yeah I totally want to go on with my daily routine of exercises. Want to pick up running but it bores the living skeleton out of me.
Would like to cycle but the driving around here is murderous.
I’ll settle with isometric workout and jumping jacks.

40 years old, 5’9" (1 meter 75), and currently at 224.8 lbs (102 kg). I’ve fluctuated between 200lb and 250lb since 2003. The Wife is on a another health kick this year, so we’ll see what happens.

I blame my weight on little to no exercise and I blame that on my awful time management skillz. I can just never seem to be able to do all the things I want to do. Not just gaming, but house projects, car projects, work projects, activities with the kids, etc. I seem to do ok at time management at work, but somehow fail to apply this to my personal life. 2017 is the year I’m going to do better at this.

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We need a Gossamer Albatross simulator!

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Man…back pain is the worst. Do you have a history of it? I can pinpoint the exact moment my back troubles started - about 15 years ago I was moving a patient in the airplane, which consists of sliding them on a stretcher from the back entry door toward the front of the airplane. The stretchers glide on Teflon pads…but this patient was huge. After making the 90 degree turn at the back…I was attempting to slide him forward, hunched over, and using a twisting motion while exerting effort. Pop. Something little gave in my back. It sort of went numb, but didn’t feel bad. 24 hours later. I couldn’t stand up. It generally stays dormant, but every few years I’ll do something like lifting a log the wrong way, or bending over for too long, and it will remind me.

I hope yours heals up.

Ha! Good one.

Playing lacrosse and raising 3 young girls at 59 is my current exercise program. But, seriously loosing Carrie Fisher, whom was basically my age, hit a little too close to home. I know that she had some substance abuse challenges during her life, but my headache this morning makes me none too eager to compare lifestyles.

I’very added probably 15+ lbs since the Summer league, and desperately need to shed that and more to hang with the 35 year olds. So, I’ve been thinking about a challenge for this board, something a little different than the usual biggest looser event. I’ll pitch it at you guys when I get back from hopefully is the last party of the Holidays. Off to eat some blackeyed peas :neutral_face:

@komemiute, usually a hot bath/shower and a night cap followed by a couple of days horizontal usually unlocks a spasm. Failing that a trip to sick bay for muscle relaxers might be needed. Having had a five disk laminectomy a few years ago helped with some disk issues (football, skydiving), but finding a really good physical therapist is a necessity. They can do wonders.

Eh… Unfortunately it ain’t that easy for me.
I could take an hour narrating my health history.
In short, it involves kidney stones- being a dumbass teenager and accruing a nasty scoliosis and essentially still being sorta dumbass: just because I’m strong it doesn’t mean I should always over exert to kinda live up to my reputation.

I know I make it sound like I want to challenge Chuck Norris or something- it ain’t. I just love challenges, especially physical ones.

EDIT: also nope, luckily back pain is just’ bad’ for me. Ask me about thise kidney stones. I can make your toes curl from here.

Maybe I’ll join in for a bit.
I am 32, 1,84m and at the moment I am… close to 100kg
I normally do a bit of running but have to be careful because I have problems with my knees. During the last few months I did nothing at all. In 2017 I want to pick up running my usual 3-4 km routes again, and maybe do something else to get rid of my ridiculously huge belly. Perhaps just situps and jump rope workouts and eat a bit more healthy stuff. Otherwise I am fine.
Target is 85 kilos so lose 20.

Start with walking Aginor, give your knees time to adjust. Also get a good pair of shoes measured up at a speciality store(only running).

I’m 35 years old, 6’1", and as of about an hour ago, the scale said 260 lbs. I’ve played yo-yo with my weight over the last ten years since I went recruiting (80+ hour weeks, plus living out of your car/ office), when my weight shot from ~180 lbs to this same number. I worked back down to 220 for a good long while after I got out of the Navy, but when I moved back to the east coast for school, hovered around 240. Weight crept back up to about 270 after a couple of injuries, and getting married a couple of years ago.

That last part has been a significant factor in weight gain, as my wife has a pretty steady fast food addiction, and apparently enjoys a much more sedentary, less active lifestyle than I’m accustomed to (my whole family plays sports, hikes, skis, runs, and is generally very active). It’s been easy to let myself get lazy when I’ve had ready-made rationalizations under the same roof.

I’ve started training already, and have lost a good bit of weight, and even more importantly, a lot of inches. I lift, run, and cycle, and I’ll be starting up with swimming again this week with friends of mine. In addition, the puppy requires a lot of physical activity, so I’m walking her through the neighborhood now at least once daily, often twice, or running around the back yard with both dogs.

For diet, I’m going to continue the mostly- Paleo I’ve been doing the last couple of months, but watching my macros a lot more closely. Lots and lots of vegetables and fruits, eggs, nuts, and lean meats. And since my wife and I will be separating in the next couple of months (for a lot of reasons, though this is part of that), I won’t have to worry nearly as much about the temptations of the takeout and fast food she usually has sitting around the house.

Overall goal is back down to the target range of 180-190, and my overall goal for this year is to get back below 200 and stay there.

I measure my running distances in cubits per furlong, and you can’t make me change!

Man, the concept of a triathlon is awesome but I find myself swapping between sports instead of sticking with those fundamental three long enough to start seriously thinking about one. Did either of you swim in high school / college / any organized somewhat serious capacity? I love to swim but it’s such a humbling sport when you consider the disparity between competition times and what you can manage going a few times a week.

As for me: I’m young, short, and light, and as such I love any sport where I’m moving. Right now that’s short to mid distance running and rock-climbing (indoor bouldering, I’m not too good at it :smiley:) , soon to be mixed in with skiing and ski-related conditioning when I can fit it in. Speaking of, paging @Navynuke99 and @Tankerwade on if I should create a “Shred Thread”.

I guess the big transition for me a few months ago was re-prioritizing how I run from set distances to set times, and I think I’m stronger and healthier for it. IMO it makes sense too if you’re just trying to hold or improve your abilities- “Hold this level of stress on your legs, heart, and lungs for this long.” instead of what’s really an arbitrary distance- assuming you’re not training for a race!

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