2019 Health & Fitness Thread


I was going to post something similar but I know we have a few that have been out longer than my 36. Seems strange to think that I am so close to the 40th though. I don’t feel that old, most days…



I’ve only got you by 2 years…BTW, did you catch the last issue of AARP Magazine? I thought the article on the best way to use your walker was very good! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol, still not getting much from the AARP but the article on walkers would be of interest. For future use of course.



Old? I’d give a gonad to be 36 again, which was the absolute best time of my life. I walked the earth like a Centurion then. Wait until the hair on back, knuckles, and in your ears and nose is much thicker than that on the top of your head.


Just a wee bit older than 36 here.
I was talking about being so close to my 40th high school reunion. Not being 40 years old. :sunglasses:



Well, got to start somewhere…in my defence this is pushing a stroller, which adds about a minute per km. Still, gonna be painful km’s ahead to get back in shape.