2019 Health & Fitness Thread

So, somehow 2018 got away with me amid all the momentous changes that took place (excuses, I know), and I missed out on the Health and Fitness thread there (didn’t even notice it until mid-December), so I thought I’d start this back up for this coming year.

Now that the holiday rush has ended and I’ve had a couple of weeks to get settled into my classes for the spring semester, I’m ready to start getting serious about being disciplined with the workouts. Not sure how many weight lifters are here, but I thought I’d start with that.

I’ll be using Cody Lefever’s GZCLP Program to rebuild a base of strength to work from, and I’ll be alternating lifting with cycling (once it gets a little bit warmer), and swimming, though I’m still looking for a good guide for getting back into that, and I’m honestly going to need a coach to help me work on my strokes- I’ve always been terribly inefficient, but I overcame it when I was younger by being crazy strong and stubborn. Now that I’m a bit older, I’m becoming more of a fan of the “work smarter, not harder” approach to some things.

Haven’t had a chance to weigh in yet to set a starting weight, but as before, the goal weight is 185-195 lbs. As for diet, I’ve already started getting back in the habit of being much more strict with my calorie counting, and I seem to be developing an allergy to something in the my usual alcoholic beverages of choice. I’m not too torn up about that, and cutting out those carbs and sugars should help.

So, anybody else still tracking things or working towards fitness goals?


Been lifting weights since I was probably 15 years old. First it was to try and impress the ladies, but now in my mid 40’s it’s about just feeling good. I try to go 4 or so times a week and I suppose if I’m going to change anything in 2019 it would be to do more cardio to supplement the free weights. The issue (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this) is just trying to find the time…


I had a really bad year last year that basically killed all the progress I had made in 2016 and 2017, so this year I am going to start doing something again.
Probably going to start running again as soon as the snow is gone, some cardio stuff, and then see where we get.
…I am not too eager to set foot onto the scales as I am pretty sure I am back to way over 200 pounds, probably 220.
My long term goal is to stay below 200, mainly to take a bit of pressure off my knees, which is one of my main problems.
Other than that… try and get rid of the fat belly. Probably not going to work though. That one even stayed roughly the same when I was down to 187lbs in February last year, before things started to go south.

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Spring 2013…the last time I concerned myself with such issues.

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I wrote a long post about my journey on the other thread. Right now, I am doing Crossfit, and a couple of lifting sessions when I can’t get to class. I wouldn’t recommend to everybody, but it’s being pretty cool. Learning how to do kipping pull-ups has had a good effect on my regular strict pull-ups (witch I still practice a lot), and the weightlifting has improved my squat form and flexibility tremendously. I’m a patient guy and I know my limits, so I don’t load up crazy weight on bad posture and risk injury as much as some more competitive people out there.

My goal for 2019 is kipping Muscle-ups, and I think I can get there. Need to keep training, and to loose some of those stubborn last 6-10 pounds, but seems possible.


Hmmm…probably my 30 year high school reunion this year. So I should try to at least not look like an inflated version of me. So yeah, I’d like to be down in the 185-190 range too at some point this year. Currently sitting at (gulp) 230. No excuse for it, just gotta sacrifice some times in some other areas.


I’ll have to check that out. I used to do Crossfit myself, but a string of injuries (among other things) have meant I’ve stepped away from it. I do miss the community the most, but injuries and the cost have been conspiring to keep me away.

Crap, thanks for reminding me that my 20th is this fall. Yep, more motivation.

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Well, for what it’s worth I’m stable at 88 kg… that 194 lbs for the metric impaired. :stuck_out_tongue:
But I’m leaner than this summer.

In a month I start running again. We’ll see.


I did spend much of today out in the yard splitting wood and chainsawing…which is always time well spent. Love the smell of fresh split oak.


190 here…but probably not as good when you are 5’ 6".

huh. That’s what I used to walk around with back when I was a lean and mean fighting dude. I’d cut to 83 come fight week but 88-85 was my regular weight.

Now I’m 97 and that has been stable despite two long hard sessions a week at the gym throwing weight and doing cardio. At least I aint as floppy as I was before I started.

You :us: guys really should stop this pounds, feet, inches nonsense and get to metric. It just makes sense.


I just hate the smell of “stuck back” :smile:

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Sigh… That’s where I was at peak form, when I was pretty much literally indestructible. That’s the goal again though- I’d love to get back into soccer and rugby in the adult leagues here.

I’ve managed to maintain a steady ~30min a day on the treadmill for a year now, about 2 miles. Light weightlifting along with that, for a combined total of an hour a day. I try to tread carefully since I got a hernia in '17. When spring rolls around, will get on the bike again, but my lungs don’t work well in cold weather so I stay on the treadmill in winter.

Trying to make myself get back into it. Haven’t been very regular since I messed up my left knee in 2015. Constant pain is a great demotivater.


I was an embarrassing 238 this AM and looking to get out of the 200 club. So, we’ve got similar goals. I’ll admit that owning a brewery has put probably 10-15 on me and being the garbage disposal (that’s what dad’s do) for 3 girls is taking a measurable toll as well.

But like Arnold says, excuses are for flabbermen.


Time to go for the pump.


Yes, kids are saboteurs to any diet plan.

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Now you know where my handle came from!

claps … And we are going to PUMP YOU UP!


Whippersnappers! :roll_eyes: