2021 RTX 3090 PC Build

I’ve just completed a full PC and office upgrade for 2021. The project took me almost 3 months to complete. It started with some excitement about DCS 2.7 release and trying to get a new RTX 3090 but then snowballed into a full new build and numerous additions to my office. I work from home and sometimes spend over 10 hours a day in my office so I figured it was justified to spend some $$$ on it. I had to sell off almost every old piece of hardware I could find around my house to help finance the project but since GPU prices are so high right now I got top dollar for the RTX 2070 and 2080 TI I had. I actually sold the 2070 for a little more than I paid for it a year ago. The hardest thing of course was getting the RTX 3090 FE I wanted. That took about 4 weeks of hanging out on stockdrops discord and many failed attempts but I finally got one on the Best Buy drops.

The centerpiece of my build is the 48-inch LG OLED48CX. This display is simply stunning and paired with a 3090 it really shines. I know this may be unpopular but I actually prefer flying with TIR on this display vs my Reverb G2 for a variety of reasons. OLED+4k+GSync at 60 fps = an amazing flight sim experience that provides enough immersion for me while still being able to spot and identify targets at distance and is just gorgeous to look at.

Here’s my parts list + some pictures…

64 GB G.Skill DDR4 CL16 3600Mhz
Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB Case
4x Corsair QL120 RGB fans
NVIDIA RTX 3090 Founders Edition
Lian Li RGB Strimer GPU and 24-pin Cables
48-inch LG OLED48CX
Kanto YU2 Speakers & SUB6 Subwoofer


I’ll have to check out StockDrops. I skipped upgrading with the 2xxx series but don’t want to pay scalper prices if I can help it (Who does?).

Congrats! Looks really good!

That’s the part I can’t wrap my head (and wallet) around.

Not in this pub; some like their beer in a can (gasp!); some in a frosty mug; some straight out of the tap…and some like it warm !?!?. But we all have a good time!


If you’re in the USA your best bet is Best Buy. They normally drop cards every two weeks with the most common day being Tuesday. I had no luck on Newegg or Amazon. Cards get snatched up by bots almost instantly.


That’s one cosy flightsim corner!
I sure would like to hear some impressions and numbers on DCS and MSFS performance, on that thing!

I normally buy the highest end parts I can afford and resell every couple of years for upgrades. I sold my EVGA XC Ultra 2080 TI for $1150 on ebay within an hour of listing it. The 3090 FE is $1499 so minus the fees I ended up paying around $550 for my 3090.

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Looks amazing! (you must have really long arms! :laughing:)

Kidding aside I am also pretty minimalistic regarding my desk. I like the way you can control the hotas clutter by not getting too carried away with the bunch of button boxes and whatnot. See that you have the MFDs, how do you like them, as your only button boxes?

(I have nothing except my warthog and am considering getting them)

Glad your enjoying the new build, I haven’t looked back since my 3090 upgrade. Still running it on an over clocked 8600k. I think an i7 of the newer CPU release is the only upgrade available to me. be interested to here your FPS for DC’s and msfs2020

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Your system needs balance. Send me the 3090 and I’ll send you back my 2080, as it’ll go well with my i9, so in a way we’ll help each other? :wink:

@will2360 That’s a very nice looking office and build.


So the HOTAS mounts are really easy to move. When I’m not flying I have them out to the edge of my desk to be out of the way. The display is mounted on the wall so I can sit back from it far enough. When I’m flying I pull it out to be closer.

I love the MFD’s. Anything to keep me from fumbling around with the mouse is good. :rofl:


She’s a thing of beauty. I’ve got a 34" Alienware Ultrawide G-Sync running via a (2080Ti), but this is my new goal! Thanks for sharing!