2023 Christmas Flight ideas

Has the time already come?
The time has already come!

I think around this time last year some of us were already on their way so maybe let’s start a discussion about what is ahead of us this year round in terms of Mudspike Christmas Flight destination?

How about the highest civil airport in the world?

We speak about the Daocheng Yading Airport (ZUDC) in Sichuan, China with elevation of 14 472 ft (4 411 m) which should guarantee some memorable experiences when approaching and even getting there :slight_smile:

If, for any reason, China is not an option for someone, I am sure there is some good alternatives in the region - like Qamdo Bamda Airport (also technically in China but in Tibet so…) or Kathmandu or Lukla… you name it.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Once we settle on a destination, I am happy to create a new thread and kick it off officially :+1:


Im all for Daocheng Yading Airport (ZUDC)

Sounds like a fun challenge to me

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you mean like you are not waiting for me guys to finish first my last year flight? :rofl: :wink:

I think I will gradually progress from last year flight to this year.

destination ZUDC sounds fun to me.


Dang, KCLT to ZUDC is a long flight…lol

I can’t travel to China IRL so a virtual visit to Sichuan would be pretty cool.

In any case, for me it is always about the journey, not the destination. Anywhere is good :wink:


Just did a quick & dirty preliminary planning and it looks like some 5000 nm divided into 19 legs :grimacing:

On the other hand I should be able to fly a leg or two in Il-2 over Kuban map and another leg in DCS over Caucasus thus completing the trip using three different sims :grinning:


Nice route!

I am also thinking about it. I haven’t flown in those areas in a while. I think I’d like that destination. I would go there on a more southern route and take a look and India on the way

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yup, lol, still struggling with the selection of birds to ride.

I really like the smaller ones, but they are slow and cant carry much. this is xmas flight to deliver presents after all :slight_smile:

I need to force myself into something appropriate for that job.


I’ve been meaning to do a flight in the MSFS A310 for almost a year now. Might actually do it.

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hey guys, finally on the 9th.

really struggling what to mount this time.

despite VFR 500+kts is great way of travel, the msfs scenery cant keep up obviously.

dont know if this is the game engine limitation, or just my bandwidth cant feed the scenery data this fast.
ended up with paused sim on occasions waiting for the scenery data to load.


  • slowing down? but it will take me ages again :slight_smile:
  • flying high? this is no space sim, there is scenery to be seen down there :wink:
  • keep pausing? that takes away the immersion of flying.
  • back to XP? the performance is still low.

I guess slowing down it is.

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Or upgrade your internet :grin: :imp:

Huh, never had that problem. Always went rather low & slow.

Find a sweetspot between speed and scenery loading times perhaps?

does not forget that we need to stay within budget oc :grin:

wondering if its just my connection. iirc somebody mentioned this phenomenon somewhere on this forums already.

but yeah, for the time being it will be speed compromising.