20th Anniversary. (Falcon 4.0). 12-12-1998


My BMS installation will probably never leave my hard drive until DCS has a stable implementation of a persistent dynamic campaign complete with cooperative mission planning and semi-reliable AI (both enemy and friendly).

DCS’ simulation backbone is a powerhouse- no doubt. BMS can’t compete with the areas of DCS that are well-matured and evolving (graphics, dynamic weather, flight dynamics, systems modeling) - it doesn’t have half the horsepower required. But when it comes down to how each element of the simulation ties together to create meaningful experience? BMS blows DCS out of the water (for $9.99 not on sale, by the way).

Maybe in a decade after DCS:W 3.0 is out and we’ve gone through 5 years of public beta for the dynamic campaign we can revisit the topic. But I’m not holding my breath. :laughing:


Not to start an argument but the fidelity of the F16 is at least on par with DCS in terms of systems and flight model fidelity… The latter is public domain info actually thanks to NASA. Now of course that same fidelity is not there for the other aircraft as the avionics are not as modular as in DCS. I think this is a common mistake that many newcomers to BMS make: while you can fly other planes, the experience is just not as accurate. But for the viper, there is many a testimony that it’s very close to the real deal. I love to fly both sims by the way and see no reason why they shouldn’t be able to coexist for us lucky combat flight sim addicts. In DCS I particularly like the hog and hornet for their outstanding fidelity and overall sense of substance and feeling that you’re actually sitting there in the cockpit. Now coop is at the door with the f14… Both camps continue to raise the bar.


Interview with the devs, where Gilman Louie explains what new Falcon 4.0 will be all about.


And here’s a cool vid of the things being worked on in 2003 (before Lead Pursuit). You can see F/A-18 and A-10 with custom avionics. Apparently they even experimented with 1st person infantry soldier and flyable helicopter.


What happened there? I have no clue of what happened between F4’s release and BMS.


I would love to hear the story of Lead Persuit’s sudden and spectacularly silent end.


Definitely interested.

Btw there is vacant job position of Flight Sims Archeologist for MS.

We finaly need to konw the stories behind F4AF and FighterOps :slight_smile:

Anyone interested working for free for the prosperity of this comunity ?



F4history.pdf (1.1 MB)