Megaman + Roguelike = Need I say more?

For a few years I’ve been wanting to make a Megaman type clone as a personal project just to fool around with. Never really got around to it, but funny enough today I started thinking about doing so again, and it dawned on me, hmm what if I combined that with some roguelike features like random level design (while pondering what I would need to do to make sure that I wouldn’t encounter any unbeatable scenarios) and while I’m at it, how crazy would it be, since it is just for fun, to make it permadeath while I’m at it.

I wish I was making this up, but I was just about to redownload Visual Studio and decided to take a quick peek at what was on sale in steam this week before I did that and a boom! You’ve got to be @#!!@# me, there it is. Well, for $9 I guess that beats having to code it all myself :smile: This is also why I never get anything done haha

Will give this a good look tonight, sorry Arizona DLC you’ll have to wait.

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Am I the only one who was immediately reminded of Homestar Runner?


Since it’s been at least 10 years if not more since Homestarrunner has been relevant to anything, i’m gonna go ahead and say yes :wink:

But first impressions of the game, seems pretty good tbh, art is a bit more Megaman X than classic, but still pretty fun.