[29Apr-01May] Her Majesty's Brave & Honorable Mudspike Air Regiment

Hoping to do more of this:


I have the Handley Page as well, might as well do some formation bombing Einstein!

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Also for those of you who may not have known this - You can join as the gunner in any aircraft, even if you do not own it.

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Just- seriously- watch where you shoot.
You can very easily clip or shoot off clean a control surface, a wing, or an engine.

Not nice.


Everything I know, I learned from the Dr. Henry Jones School of Aerial Gunnery:

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Or kill the pilot! Don’t ask how I know… :disappointed:

I remember reading this used to be a serious problem on the multiplayer servers back in the day. Trolls would jump into a gunner slot and kill the pilot.

Also, I have the Ilya Muromets. Is that something that can be flown online with everybody?

We’re about 24 hours out from Muster Time ™ #1: Saturday at 1600 UTC.

Is anyone of the opinion it (or any of the other times) should be pushed forward or backward?

Probably do a little more testing this evening? Taker was able to get a server up and get a dogfight mission going but anything involving the AI (Cooperative mission) has no ‘re-spawn in progrss’ option. Meaning if you die early, it may be a long wait for the next cycle.

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Yea 11am EST is fine for me tomorrow. I probably can’t do three sessions as the wife has already begun elevating the flak guns.

Server works as Death Match with a few aircraft represented, the free DVa and Spad 13 most importantly. It can run on it’s own and you can respawn if you mishap so it’s good for casual play and learning/testing.

I am going to take a stab either tonight (if I hold myself to two pints) or tomorrow at editing the DM mission to include a few more aircraft types.

Joining the Hoggit server should also be an option as Einstein did in his AAR.

Server will be marked as Mudspike in the browser and the password will be listed in the Teamspeak channel.


Couldn’t resist and got the Fokker E.III, the Fokker DR.1, the Sopwith Camel and the Channel Map for 10€

Those planes are so slow it feels kinda funny to fly them. Awesome turn rates though! :smiley:


I bought RoF Iron Cross edition on Amazon years ago. Could never really get into it, but maybe this is a chance to give it another shot.

Afterall, I have a Nieuport 17 RC plane waiting for better weather to fly, so this is just as good, right?


I’m interested as well, all depending on times, but if you guys get together at a time thats different than the above time or want to get a group together you guys are welcome to add me on steam under the same name.

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At least I managed to fly a bit with you guys, even if it was only for one hour and I got nothing except shot down repeatedly. :smiley:
It was still fun, and I’d like to do that again. Maybe we can organize some little dogfight training or something.

EDIT: Also, if you had to recommend one british fighter to me, which one would it be?

Screenshots and AARs moved to:

Seems like the weekend’s antics are at a close- thanks to all who participated! I didn’t get to join in today, but certainly had a blast yesterday!


Excellent adventures this weekend, hope to see more of it!