[29Apr-01May] Her Majesty's Brave & Honorable Mudspike Air Regiment

Her Majesty’s Brave & Honorable Mudspike Air Regiment

During a most stimulating discussion with @EinsteinEP earlier today over a cuppa, we reached the conclusion that there was an era where the pilots were bold, the machines brittle, and the enemy… the Bosch. I propose next weekend we relive these moments of history.

Alternate Version for Those of Us Currently Living in a More Central European Location:
During a rather efficient conversation with EinsteinEP earlier today over Kaffeeklatsch, we arrived at mutual agreement there was a time where the pilots were tough, the machines temperamental, and the enemy… Tommy! (Disclaimer: I know full well what contributions the French had to WW1, but coming up with the alliteration was taking more than 45 seconds.)


Rise of Flight has a selection of three airplanes that are free to play and fly. Let’s group up and play the game like it was meant to be played!


Kill-Joy Note: This isn’t really a fly-in. I have no plans or vision of execution other than a bunch of us piling into a server and figuring out how to play Rise of Flight with each other.


Next weekend! [29 April 2016] —> [01 May 2016]

Times: Whenever people are available? Post whenever sounds agreeable below and we’ll work out some optimum times to gather in Teamspeak and get the ball rolling.

But I’ve Never Played RoF!

Funny thing, NEITHER HAVE I! Hahahahaaaaah! Aahh… but seriously, if anyone has played it before and would like to offer a clinic or a link to educational resources it would be much appreciated.

The game boasts single player as well as adversarial and co-operative multiplayer modes. I’m sure we could take advantage of either MP mode.

Interest List

Pilot Availability
AeroMechanical Whenever Other People are Playing.
EinsteinEP Also Whenever Other People are Playing.
Tyco If he can get the time.
Navynuke99 Some points over the weekend.
Aginor For some time. Dunno when.
TheAlmightySnark Will try and be there.
miRage Maybe an hour or two.
Maclean Will be there.
klarsnow Probably for one evening.
Tankerwade Is in.
fearlessfrog Hopes to play over the weekend.

Proposed Mustering Times:
Saturday, 30 Apr @ 1600 UTC
Saturday, 30 Apr @ 2100 UTC
Sunday, 01 May @ 1600 UTC

Calculated these times such that we have two opportunities where West & East Coast US plus our European friends are all awake at sane hours, and one more towards those living in the states.

Naturally, If anyone would like to propose other times or add times, have at it!

Server / Missions

The in-game browser would seem to indicate hosting a game shouldn’t be too hard, and it seems like there’s prebuilt missions that would probably occupy our time while we figure out what’s going on. If anyone’s around Friday afternoon/evening it would probably be a good idea to test connectivity for multiple people.

Pilot Availability
EinsteinEP Also Whenever Other People are Playing

Requiem has some great tutorials for Rise of Flight. He also does vids for DCS and Battle of Stalingrad, so be sure to double check before you click.

He’s a great kite pilot, too, wonder if we can get him to join up this weekend…

Here’s the start of a 14 video playlist:

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As someone speaking from experience ROF is a ton of fun and the flying is very quick to pick up. Ill be there if I can get the time. Maybe Ill finally be able to achieve an elusive mid-air pistol kill.

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Bad news I can’t participate to this either.
Good news is the following weekend I’m finally back at my machine!

Relevance? Oh… none. Just saying.

In any case good luck to all the participants and take a lotta screenshots!
Rise of Flight is such a joy just to watch as well!

Count me in, at some points over the weekend. Are you all thinking of using any of the available mods for AI or machine gun dispersion or anything like that? It’s been well over a year since I last flew, but I seem to recall a couple of those mods were pretty important to make the game more fun and playable.

I have no idea! Would you mind posting a link to any that you had in mind?

This is the package that I’ve always used:


Maybe I can be there for some time. Dunno when though.
And I have to install my RoF first. I hope I remember my login data… :smiley:

I’ll try and be there, not fully sure about the plans for the weekend. I have multiple multi-seater aircraft for those fancying themselves a bit of a hot-shot on the guns!

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I’d like to join in. Weekend is pretty booked though. Maybe I can squeeze in an hour or two. Haven’t played RoF for ages. It’s strength was the ease of use. No five dozens of commands that you need to know. Just primary flight controls and the fire button and off you go.

Ill be there… I missed the fly-in sadly this time, so I’m happy I can join this.

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I can probly be there one evening

I’m in. Very little exposure to RoF though. Installed it and flew around in the starter D. V for awhile.

Did spend quite a bit of time with Red Baron back in the day though.

I’d like to fly either the Gotha or a Handley on a bombing mission. I’ll need to brush up my gunsight skillz (and key bindings!) but could use a few escorts, esp. if we’re going onto an MP server.

I’m not sure. If I put another flight sim on the hard drive, it’s going to push something out. And by hard drive I mean my brain. And by out I mean … who are you people again?


You guys will have a lot of fun. It is a great WW1 air simulation. I would participate myself but will be out of town this weekend.

Dammit! I was that immersed in KSP yesterday, I forgot installing RoF.
I hope I will remember today.

Fridge just think of it as a flight sim where you don’t have to worry about which missile you have selected, since there is only a single machine gun in front of you.

Me, I am looking forward to the moment Aero asks me my fuel state and when I answer him with “That is a great question!” it won’t be because I don’t know where the fuel gauge is, but because there isn’t one.


The simplicity of the controls is great. The rest of the planes… not so much.

Anyway, I am installing it right now! :smiley:

Oh, and here is a funny story that just happened:
My wife: What’s that sound like a hairdryer?
Me: That’s just my DVD drive, honey.
Her: What are you doing
Me: Installing a game
Her: Another of those flight sims??
Me: …eehh…yes.
Her: Rolls eyes. What did that one cost?
Me: Nothing! I had it on the shelf, I played it years ago!
Her: So why are you re-installing it now all of a sudden?
Me: I want to play it again with some guys maybe.
Her: Those “Dirt-something” guys again?
Me: What? …uhhh… Oh! It is MUDspike, not dirt!
Her: That means you will sit at the PC all weekend again?
Me: … I don’t know, maybe for just a few…
Her: Rolls Eyes, walks away

…Well, I could be a worse husband I guess. :smiley:

EDIT: Oh dear, 5GB… That will take all night…