[29Apr-01May] Her Majesty's Brave & Honorable Mudspike Air Regiment

The correct answer to that question is: Yes??


Just loaded her up and spent the last hour or so trying to play. I’m getting repeated CTD’s in the Career, three of which took down my whole system. Haven’t changed a thing with my system configuration since I last played, and I’m running the latest version. The forum isn’t much help either- most threads there are over a year old. Anybody else having issues?

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I was able to boot it up and do a quick free flight just fine. Have you tried disabling your mod pack?

You know? We should have a Wife-Dogfight Weekend.
Probably something funny as Rise of Flight.

:smiley: No switchology, just guns.
And a good recording of the events- voice comms included…

Oh man, that would be so awesome.
Not for anyone watching though.

Wife 1 crashes on takeoff
Wife 2 crashes on takeoff
Wife 1 crashes on takeoff
Wife 2 crashes on takeoff
Wife 1 takes off, runs out of fuel because Wife 2 crashes on takeoff 20 times
Wife 2 takes off, runs out of fuel because Wife 1 crashes on takeoff 20 times

They both manage to take off eventually. Then they constantly miss each other because they fly into the wrong direction.

Husband 1 and Husband 2 suffer from nervous breakdown.

The sim is re-started, air start this time. 1km distance head-on fight.
…Wives still constantly miss each other.

Husband 1 and Husband 2 suffer from nervous breakdown.

The sim is re-started, air start this time. 500m distance head-on fight.
…Wives see each other, but as soon as they start maneuvering they spin and crash.

Frustration ensues, they quit the game.

EDIT: That being said: With a liitle bit of practice it could be fun.



I started to do that one by one- I’d been running a few mods. I’ll keep trying that when I get on tonight. All the mods I was running were still the latest version, according to the ROF Mods site. Maybe it’s a career thing?

Better yet - Each husband flies wingman to their wife. Awards go to those still married after the event.


LOL yeah! :grinning:

Wow. That game has come a long way since I last played it. (short time. Right after release)
The planes are more stable and I like the customization options. Also my PC back then couldn’t handle it, which made dogfights too stuttery.
Now it feels fine.

I hope to play over the weekend. My wife is going out of town for a huge trip away to visit family, so I’ll be left defenceless looking after the kids for a good while (in-case you never hear from me again) but would love to try some RoF again.

EDIT: Does anyone know if I can join Multiplayer with this version?

I think a lot of people would steer you towards the version you get from 777’s website due to something to do with module activation and use.

I’m pretty sure the two versions can interact with each other just fine.


I’ll give it a go. I think it just uses my RoF login anyway, plus for this weekend just putting around in anything is fine.

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So I am having trouble getting going in this and perhaps this will help others -

I have downloaded and installed the game, but I was not able to use the link on the main page - it declared the download would take three days (!) so I found the Useful Links page and used the alternate download link and that got me the 8.6gb in an hour. Install went fine. But I cannot log in - I get the #5 license not activated error. A quick look on their forum and this is a prominent thread - My account is an older account (2011) and they have since gone to a F2P model and key from the demo key used to unlock it back in the day (holy crap do I feel old). The solution is to open a support ticket. Fine. Except that two tickets since 12 pm EST and still nothing from them. Yes I am sure I could register a new account but I am not flying as TankerwadeOldFart1915 if I can help it. (No that is not my birth year so just shut it).

TL;DR - If you are planning to join this on Saturday and registered RoF along time ago, and have to sort it out again, GET STARTED NOW!

Edit: (Yes. Fine. If I do have to make a new account for Saturday that is the name I am using)

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The Steam download was about 5.9GB, so I think they use compression on that. It downloaded very quickly, as especially since if I stretch out an arm I can almost touch the content servers.

I too had an old account, but couldn’t remember it. I just created a new one and am happy with a free SPAD. I’ll be fearlessfrog2 this weekend, which is good enough for now :frog: 2. I can see all the MP servers, so I think this way works too.

I set up my HOTAS (TMS Long UP = gin and tonic) and trackIR seemed to work automagically too. Took a quick flight and did my usual, ‘ah yes, RoF looks really pleasant, I forgot that’. Took off, shot a balloon, landed. Cool.

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Don’t forget to map a HOTAS button to: Throw scarf back over shoulder left


Took them a day to get back to me. Not fast. Might be one guy/gal checking the inbox once a day.

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Ok got it sorted. Couldn’t wait any longer so changed my forum name in the old account and made a new account and used my username.

Holy crap how can I see the bridge with that wing in the way!

Umm a bit wet…wipes eyes with scarf

Whoa ok…just completed the same training regimen I use for all the fly in’s


This is bad right?


How can Marmalade ever be bad?


Proposed Mustering Times:
Saturday, 30 Apr @ 1600 UTC
Saturday, 30 Apr @ 2100 UTC
Sunday, 01 May @ 1600 UTC

Calculated these times such that we have two opportunities where West & East Coast US plus our European friends are all awake at sane hours, and one more towards those living in the states.

Naturally, If anyone would like to propose other times or add times, have at it!

Server / Missions

The in-game browser would seem to indicate hosting a game shouldn’t be too hard, and it seems like there’s prebuilt missions that would probably occupy our time while we figure out what’s going on. If anyone’s around Friday afternoon/evening it would probably be a good idea to test connectivity for multiple people.

Does anyone have:

  1. Experience with hosting a Rise of Flight server?
  2. Any custom missions you’ve made in the mission editor?
  3. Any recommendations about somewhere to get custom missions?
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