2nd Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight AAR Thread

Use this thread to post up plans, leg reports, and other thoughts about the 2nd Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight to Antarctica…

My plan of attack:

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I’ll have to look whether FSX even has an airport in antarctica. Maybe I’ll also fly there.

My plan would be: Use my Citation X (like when I flew to Rio for the Olympics) until I reach SAWH (Ushuaia) and then continue with something more rugged.

And because of time restrictions that apply for me currently I’ll probably just start from Rio. Because in the Mudspike Alternative Universe I am still there I guess since I never flew back. :smiley:

I’d love to partecipate- jsut my FSX for Steam is a bit…uhm… unstable is the word?
I’ll see what I can do— but man, Italy is FAR away…

I am at Havana currently with my 732, seems like a perfect excuse to cut south!

Yeah, it was the same for me when the Rio fly-in was.
Which is why I picked a fast jet with a decent range.

The other possibility is to skip parts of the journey and just make a few takeoffs, landings, and a bit of sightseeing if time allows it.

Just been looking through the scenery list… Those airfields are all so small!

So, Havana to Cancun to pickup the hapless scientists and booze supplies so desperately needed at Amundsen Scott! Not that we are going there, it’s too cold and I don’t like flying over a vast expanse of… White. What is this, 1989 with FS1?!

I will be dropping these fearless ventures off at the north tip near Argentina, where Beach is going too!

If you are now asking yourself ‘what aircraft will you fly?!’ then you do not know me! The 737-200 with the CIVA navigation computer installed, long range high altitude airway galore right up ahead!

I shall not fly from my geographical home, I shall fly from my flightsimulator home, which is the Caribbean. I will take my actual home’s airliner there, the KLM 732.

If they release XP11 soon, and I manage to find the time, I might give this a whirl. If not, then I’ll give an AAR of my flight to NZQN. Real time with the graphics on ultra :wink: . It’s pretty far South, just not as far as Antarctica.

That’ll work out fine…! Just drop em’ at SAWH (Ushia)…and I’ll take it the rest of the way down!

Close enough!

The lack of quality C-141s for both x-plane and p3d is… mediocre

Yeah…you could always go with the Virtavia C-17 for either FSX/P3D or X-Plane I suppose…but it doesn’t have the old school charm of the C-141. Likewise, I’d love to see a really nice IL-76 for X-Plane. Felis was apparently considering it…

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Teniente to Pegasus, or direct to McMurdo?

Decisions, decisions.

My weapon of choice

From cold and dark

With some CPR roaring to life

And awaaaay we go!

All set, lean back and let the AP do the boring cruise flight!


Levelling out at flight altitude, mach meter barely over .4(yeah the -200 is not climber!), so time to look for some approach plates for MMUN! I am very much taking a wubba lubba dub dub angle with this quest.



Not sure how far I can push her, rolled the engines back a little to be easy on the N2. 281 and increasing!

Mach .8, so closeeee…

me talking to the speed gauge

managed to hit the .8! Then had to descend… oh well.

Good progress so far.


Aaaand X-plane bugged out on me :frowning:

Started deploying flaps as indicated at the flap placard limits, and it gave me a flap overspeed warning, after a minute or so I had a uncommanded roll left that ended in a weird spin. Pretty sure that was flap damage simulation :(…

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