32-42 inch monitors

Have you bought a 32-42 inch 120hz monitor lately for 1080-1440p(not 4K)
What did you get and pay and how do you like it? I want one maybe under 375$…

I haven’t, but thought the ‘sweet spot’ for 1080 was a 24-27 inch monitor?

For 32-42 I don’t think I would be looking at lower than 1440 rez. Assuming that is USD375 (about A$550) I can’t find anything in that size that I would buy. But after a quick look, for 800 dollaridoos, I would be considering one of these:


I am afraid that there are not many options in that range of 40-42.

I have one old 43 from LG which is 4K (3840x2160) in 60Hz only. but its TV not a dedicated monitor.
last time I checked the smallest TVs with 4K in 120Hz were 55 and double your budget.

but for 2K res (2560x1440) there are plenty of 32 monitors. many would even fit easily into your budget. I would go that way.

I agree with Harry. With my monitor having just gone belly-up I’ve been looking around as well. Though I would prefer a 4k next. There don’t seem to be as many quality monitors around any more. like there was last time i was buying. Many cheapo Chinese ones, but I am a bit hesitant with those.

My blown monitor is a 27" HD (1080) and it was the max I would want for HD. In fact when I started using it I had to move my chair back a few feet as it was giving me headaches. In the and I was using it from a metre, as I usually do.

But I’ve gone to my back-up HD, which is 21.5" and I think it’s far better suited to HD. Everything looks so much more crisp than on the 27" one.

PS - I also tried two HD TVs, one at 36" and one 32" and they just didn’t cut it. I am using one for racing sims on retro, but the image isn’t brilliant and gets well shown up by the 22" monitor next to it.

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I think we could talk resolutions not abbreviations cause we will get confused quickly :slight_smile:

for me the max size for 1920x1080 is 24. definitely not 27.
for 2560x1440 would prefer 27-32.
and 3840x2160 it is 39-50.

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I got two Samsung Odyssey G7 32 inch 2560x1440 monitors, one for the desktop and one for the racing rig. The monitor is curved and sports a low response time. Price wise it’s been well out of the range though, they list for 650 Euro on Amazon.de it seems.

Friends of mine have it’s bigger brother, the G9 with 50 inches for their race rig. Probably an upgrade worth considering for me in the future, the increased FoV to the side is very nice to have in a race.


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I have a 27" 1440p from LG and I think it’s great at that combo. Couldn’t get a bigger monitor on my desk with my PC and work monitor where they are, and moving to 1440 did a good job on reducing aliasing in games.


I don’t think I want a curved… is a TV worse than a monitor?? There are some decent 32 inch TVs right now at Best Buy for about 400…

Well, technically a TV should be worse, but some people just don’t notice or care.

A bit like with frame rates. Some people happily play at 40fps or lower while others call 50fps “unplayable”.

What I noticed when using a TV as a PC monitor is that you have to put it in “game mode” if it has that.

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TVs are not that bad, as I mentioned, using old 43 4K 60Hz TV atm. plus I have 55 4K 120Hz TV which is sitting ‘in the corner’ waiting till I put my home cockpit back together.

but for 32 size I would go for monitor.

monitors offer better response times, better Hz range and all the freesync / gsync goodnes.

and I can see the prices for not curved 32 monitors within your budget.

plus are TVs available with native 2560x1440 res? be aware that this resolution doesnt look that stellar on native 4K screen. and 4K res needs lot of ghp (gpu horse power).

and how about the Hzs on 32 TV? are there any 120+Hz [32] TVs available?

imo there is no advantage in TVs this size. at least I cant see any advantage.
I was willing to sacrifice all the advantages of monitors in exchange for the size. there were no 49+ monitors available at the time I was buying.

ps: referring above to 4K as 3840x2160 res.


I f you are talking about 32" specifically, then I don’t know if they still make ‘TV’s’ that small? But, my current TV, a 40" Samsung that I bought nearly 10 years ago is 120Hz.

yep meant 32.

and at what res it is @Harry_Bumcrack ? I have another old 55 TV which is native 3840x2160 at 60Hz. but it can deliver 120Hz only for 1920x1080 res.

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Another thing that I would like to discuss is home custom PC building.
But I will start another thread for that. I am interested in large case,no bling, no RBG PCs with 4060 type GPUs.

120Hz @ 1920x1080
Not too shabby for a 10yo TV… Never tried it as a monitor.

I picked up a cheap Vizio at BB for 170,32 inch. I don’t think its that great. Might return it next week.But it does improve the instrument panel contrast which is better.
One other thing…can I use the second HDMI port on the TV and go out of it and in to my other 24 monitor
so I can have a side panel??? or is that a no go…?

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I… Uh…
The TV is not a vase with communicating pipes… You can’t use it like that.
Unless you buy something very particular, TV sets only have input ports…

On the other hand, if your PCs graphic card has more than output, you can connect that to another TV or monitor and have a secondary panel.

The one issue I ran into when I tried to use the Duplicate these displays feature with a computer monitor and a standard TV was that even when the resolutions were supposed to be identical, such as 1920 x 1080, the standard TV always showed less of the image on the top and side than the computer monitor. If I made the TV the main monitor then I got black bars on the top and bottom of the computer monitor.

I never found a way to scale them separately so that the image was identical on both of them.


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