3d migoto MOF for BOx and DCS

a friend of mine is using it and saying it’s a must have for VR users and Flight Sims…

released 6 months ago for il2

and few days ago for DCS

have you tried it?
what do you think?

I think VR user need some kind of help expecially with DCS lods!
usually i have an enemy planes meeting me head on, guns blazing while for me is still dot and am wondering if friend or foe, but i think 3dmingoto zoom could be too much (at least from what seen from the photos…)

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I think for DCS an updated version is here:


I’ve not used it, as I think the main use is to have some nifty zoom bindings. I can see that being useful, but am ok on that front. I don’t play competitive PvP stuff though.

For BoX I did use it before (kneeboard, plus getting rid of propellors with ASW artifacts etc) and it was great. Not used it recently though.

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