3D modeling and texturing

I have a fantastic one but its so offensive I’m keeping quiet. But I am laughing myself stupid because I’m a bit of a tool

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Textures are the weakest of my weak spots.
I am learning a few things but most of the time I am more or less stumbling around trying things out until they look halfway decent. :smiley:

Meanwhile I have found some errors in my mesh and corrected them. I have also given the hotel some placeholder textures (plain colors) and imported it into the sim again. Looks OK.

Right now I am contemplating whether to try texturing in Blender or export to ArmorPaint again. I think that the node system in Blender should be good enough for what I am doing right now, and the advantage is that I can quite easily export from there and the sim will refresh the object.
If I use ArmorPaint then I will have to re-import the textures to Blender since the gltf exporter is a Blender plugin…


Hehehe thanks for the consideration.
I think @Aginor has all the skill to become completely self sufficient.

Until then, mate, if you ever need any info or pointers, ask away.
I’ll be glad to help!


Ok, here is something I learned today which isn’t too obvious:

My building (placeholder materials, and I haven’t shaped the ground perfectly yet) had grass growing through it, and other effects like rain and snow also fall through it.

There is a material type called Environment Occlusion, and it is very useful.

I made a few boxes and applied the material to it (shown green here).

Result: No grass growing through the building anymore!


Short update:
I textured the whole thing in Blender now and I am halfway happy. (Pics soon but not today)
Today I spent some time on a few visible details that give the building a bit of character. That material system is pretty cool (although I am barely scraping the surface so far).

However I am stuck a bit now since I have a transparent texture which looks great in Blender but completely white in MSFS2020. Grml.
So if anyone knows a solution for that (haven’t found a working one on the Internet yet) I’d love to hear it.

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Short update:
It seems that I solved the problem with the transparency. Something with my file was off.
I changed the following things:

  • jpg format instead of png
  • made the file exactly square (power of 2 pixels, I think I used 2048x2048)
    I think the latter was the reason it didn’t work but I am not sure.

Last week I also discovered that the terrain tools don’t allow me to create the terrain shape I need.
So what I am doing right now is making the terrace part of the building.
So more modeling and texturing incoming, but I am slowly getting there!

Pics soon.

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