3d models for printing

Started a new thread as the other ones where more ‘personal’ projects, so didn’t want to hijack someones thread.

My plan was to gather simpit stuff to 3d print!
I will finish up my little project for my Winwing throttle, then post the stl. here.

I made a little buttonbox with the goal of doing a complete cold start. The labels will by made off Dymo tape.
I’ll post some more pics and part list when I upload the stl.
This might be good for those that want more buttons, or like me that has something temporary till I can build a replica console.

Feel free to share what you got, I’ll try to finish up some of my Viggen stuff aswell, hopefully I can give something back to this fantastic community!


@Troll, @Lobinjaevel, would you two like your own room?

(Very cool. Respect!)


How do the Dymo tape labels look? Can you get it to look semi decent?

I’ll get some more pics tomorrow, but I think it works.
Haven’t sprayed on varnish on that one, but I think that will help unify it a bit aswell. Tried backlighting thru it on a button, but that didn’t work tho, there is however black with clear text iirc


That works surprisingly well! I’ve been experimenting and printing my own buttons so that helps with backlight issues when/if I want to do it. I’ve already have space in the design to have it. What sort of issues did you run into?

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The white text is not transparent since it is layed upon black vinyl or som plastic, didn’t think that far. But 3d text work fine aswell, just time consuming.

The benefit I find is that with 3d printed panel and Dymo I can make really cheap panel, maybe 1$ in material cost for a 7 dzus panel, and I enjoy making the models so the CAD time is worth it for me :grin:

Here is some early Gripen panels I made
Sloppy cutting of the tape, was more a proof of concept


Yes that’s my approach too, I enjoy tinkering in CAD applications and the 3D printer happily chugs along. 3D text just requires the printer to go slow and accurate. I’ve also tried to print 50x50mm instrument displays with a 3D text that I can then fill in in a different colour but that has had mixed results so far.

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Thats my best result sofar with text, I ordered the same part from shapeways aswell to see if the results were much better. Haven’t done anything with that part yet but I guess that would be easier to backlighted since its more of a uniform material, need to get around to try that :thinking:


Nice I like that one!

I have been using those PCB mounted buttons with a spring and a sliding member to allow some travel and feedback to create panel buttons that I can drop in/out. By making it all a bit longer it leaves me space to mount LED’s on the inside. The top of the button is 3D printed so I can easily leave it open and fill it up with a see-through material.

years ago I read a article about someone casting acryll to make buttons. Perhaps I can find that again, it was interesting to see that technique.

Sometimes I wish I had a router though, that would be so awesome :wink:

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I ordered one of those 3018 cnc last christmas, never showed up since corona I guess, so I gave it up :sweat_smile:

A guy on the DCS forums who’s built an amazing F/A-18 pit said he 3d printed the MFCD buttons, cleaned them up and made molds of them, so that is one way if you can get hold on silicon or other molding material. My engineering approach to a Hornet pit build project - Home Cockpits - ED Forums

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Ah yes I remember that one! Lovely design! Might be fun casting parts, I’ve never done it before.

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I’ll try with the MFCD buttons someday aswell, will post my results here ofcourse.

Wont be as nice as his tho, that pit is close to perfection :heart_eyes:

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What did you use for the CK-37 display? Did you solder your own breakout board for those 7-segment LED’s or did you use a MAX7219/21 breakout board with the segments attached? I’ve found those for cheap on aliexpress so opted for that.

I used this one, It’s non functional as I can’t program it myself, but there is another version of it with a more commonly used chip, don’t remember what it is called now tho, that’s supposedly a little easier to get working with DCS Bios. I just hooked it up to a Nano, a guy at a swedish forum created a sample text that looked great on it.

But the Size is perfect for the CK-37

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Aaah! The venerable 595! That’s a serial in parallel out shift register, the 165 is the opposite(parallel in, serial out). It allows you to shits bits into a pattern of 8 bit(or more if you daisy chain the chips) over a single line. Then when you shift the voltage on a different line it will put the pins in a high or low voltage on the chip itself!

The max7219/21 series is pretty much that, only then the chip has a few extra functions build in, CMOS memory and the ability to set the brightness in 1/32 steps.

I love discrete chips!

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I have just tried to do a “hat switch” google search and it turns up some great results, some of them added recently.

The first yeggi link that I got have these and other hits:

A Huey Collective

A Huey Cyclic Joystick

An F16 Sidestick grip including tactile switch dual stage trigger and 4/5 way hats.

The Hat switch from the F16 grip above

A forest of 2, 3 and 4 way switches with lots of different hats

It is a good idea to look at a creators other designs as some of them can have some other interesting stuff.

Happy Simming, 3D model modifying and 3D Printing


I have a bunch of Max7219 chips for when I’ll try to build the caution panels, but thats one to many Skills for me atm, want to learn more about it tho :joy: :grin:

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Nice panels!
Don’t forget one of these, so you have a way out when the going gets too tough.