3rd Party Base Terrain for XP11?

Getting the itch to fly around my new home here in East Tennessee. Stock XP11 terrain is lacking, so I looked to ORBX. But I’m left disappointed in that they have very limited base terrains.
So what other options are there to enhance the terrain?
Then to add KTYS and some other local airports.

I think you will be looking at Ortho4XP to make your own scenery, or Forkboy2’s ortho, which is pretty good for large areas of the US.


Yeah…it looks like there is a bit of a gap in the coverage in Forkboy’s ortho for some parts of Tennessee…but that would be a good starting point…


I don’t know much about the scenery packages over at X-Aviation, but there is this?


Let me know what you find though- I do enjoy flying over western NC, and being able to continue into Tennessee could be a lot of fun (I’m currently using the Forkboy ortho and freeware airports).

Sometime when this whole pandemic thing has all blown over, I’ll have to drop you a line when I’m able to make it to Knox to visit my brother and cousins there.

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I’d avoid the X-Aviation terrain offerings to be honest. They are pretty dated at this point, and I seem to recall I was not impressed with the fact that they were overlays only and did not include custom objects…and in fact, I seem to recall they didn’t even include autogen overlays. You could probably make autogen in Ortho4XP for them…but at that point you might as well just make your own ortho tiles.


Vertical Sim Studios has some good Orthos for lower 48 states:


Up top go to Freeware, then V Orthos … Google Drive.


Thanks Gents. I’ll look into those options and see if I can spruce it up a bit.