4k TV for flight sims

I agree in principle, however:

An increase of 10ms response time ads a mere 1% to the input lag. This may make a difference to a fast shoot-em-up type game where the players reflexes are on a hair trigger, but for a civil aviation flying sim like x-plane it is unlikely to make a significant difference.

The same goes for ghosting. If you’re firing an automatic weapon in a dark environment in a shoot-em-up then the ghosting from the muzzle flash would be very distracting. But the only situation where you are going to get serious ghosting in x-plane would be something like strobes at night where the scene is relatively static and the strobe interval is measured in seconds, so it probably won’t be very noticeable.

As for overscan, the Panasonic TV’s I’ve owned all disable this for PC input.

And lastly, most TV’s have some inbuilt anti-aliasing that smoothes the picture out, sort of like a mimic of the old CRT screens, which could help with x-plane jaggies and reduce the need for processor hungry AA image processing.

So if your only aim is flight simming with pretty graphics and a reasonable frame rate a 4kTV might not be such a bad idea. It all depends on how versatile you want the system to be as it’s never going to cut the mustard for fast action type games.

Just my tuppence worth.


I agree @HavlokUK, TV fits great for my filght siming. I actualy dont play any other type of games on it. So all the points you mentioned @Sargoth are not relevant for me.

But if you are also FPS gamer, or want to be the top dogfihter ACE in IL2 for sure PC monitor is better option.

@caisterwoods whats your immersions with 4k TV after some time past? Still using it as flight sim PC monitor?

Yes and getting on with it fine, I have tweaked xplane with some great plugins, , fsxse ran well but i have stopped using it now as loving xplane 11, dcs is great so is cliffs of dover ,i have tried other games also like ghost recon wildlands, grand theft auto 5, even a bit of battlefield 3, I have not had one regret and when vulkan API comes out I expect even better frames. And i now don’t have aa turned on as makes little difference in 4k but get a few more frames. How about you?

Ive had my pc hooked up in the cabinet under my living room tv for years. I use flight sims, ARMA, some Battlefield etc., all from the couch about 10 feet away from the 60" Vizio. I understand the technical shortfalls of doing it, but I have never experienced one issue. I do increase the text size on the desktop and web pages, but gaming at 1080p is smooth as glass, no issues. I run a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and pull out the “extension cord” USB for HOTASOTC (on the couch).

I’ve been using low ms tv for over 5 years now. Just got 55 inch 4K with 30 ms in game mode. Quality cost money. Not all TVs are equal…just saying.

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You chaps with 4k TVs, what size is optimal for PC gaming?

I guess it’s all about how close you sit to the screen I have a 40 " and sit at a 600 wide bench with the tv on its own stand which is very low and it sits at the back , I have my track ir sensor on top which is about the right height , I also have a 22" next to it , only one downside is some in game text ( chat ) and the odd onscreen map like in world of warships become very small. I used to use a normal hd tv (1080) it was ok but dials where very soft when sitting close. Where as 4k is pin sharp. I do also have a 55 4k tv which is in another room but that seemed to large to have that close , but Saying that i also thought the 40" was huge to start with, So I’m sure that would be fine.

Good to hear that @caisterwoods. I was really satisfied with my 40" FHD TV but moved it to bedroom for watching movies… and now… I am eyeing for an upgrade :innocent:

@chipwich I will not go under 40" :wink:

did the upgrade … WOW … surprised :open_mouth: :smiley:

LG 43UH603V


I am short on the spare time so had only second chance to fire up my new ’ monitor '… it pushes tears into my eyes so ’ pin sharp ’ ( to use @caisterwoods words ) it is. Crispy clear :star_struck:

But yes, I know… significant part of this sharp and crispy experience is the physical size of the pixels. There is no doubt that there is big diference in single pixel size between 1920x1080 pixels and 3840x2160 pixels on almost the same area.

But what struck me by surprise was the performance. Yep, what you are expecting from 4k is that your performance will strugle. Especialy after that question in other thread if 1070 will handle OK 2k res.
So what to expect from 1060 and 4k ?

Surprise! I almost exclusively play XP11 so I fired it first. And I went from 40fps with FHD to 70fps! with 4k. I think that dont require any other coment :slight_smile:

With DCS it was more standard experience. From 60fps to 30fps. So I am looking forward to what I will see with the mentioned ’ increase in performance ’ with the latest patch…

…in case I will have the time to test it ( not saying play it ) :grin:

EDIT : WOW again ! After latest DCS open beta update I have fps gains also in 4k !

I went from 30fps to 40fps in the UH1 free flight mision. And I am at 50fps in P51 free flight. ED made in this area SIGNIFICANT progres from the 2.5.0, thumbs up :+1:

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I think I became ‘big screen skeptic’ :sunglasses:
My big screen life began with 40" FHD TV, then 43" 4k TV and now 55" 4k TV.

What I have noticed is that while I didnt need that much antialiasing on 43" now I need it on 55" in 4k!
In XP11 I have the AA slider in the middle (4x SSAA). And that seems to me like quite a lot as the GPU needs to work hard in 4k plus it needs to work harder with lot of AA.

As I mentioned already in other thread, we need affordable 8k, or at least 6k at this point :slight_smile:

43" 4k seems like sweet spot to me.

Too small. :smiley:

You do have a point though … looking at a 60" 4K is like looking at four 30" 1080p monitors so some sort of anti aliasing may be required.

8K? … man, that is NUTS! :slight_smile:

That is, but why do we dont have 6k 5760x3240 already? :slight_smile:

On the other hand. It seems today that buying nvidia 30XX card, and pushing 4k with AA on 60", is much more affordable than buying 65" 8k display :grin:

Good idea to calculate the pixel density of a new setup idea compared to your current, will give you an idea of how much more/less aliasing you may need. Or compare to a known 1080p screen size you have used before.

Um, can you just move your chair 20% further away? :grin:

that would mean I would need 20% bigger tv if my calcs are correct :wink:

it seems to be still valid even with the actual prices

ok, so why I resurrected this thread you may ask?
I have invested all the money from returned Pimax Artisan VR headset into new big screen :slight_smile:

its 55" 4k Samsung QLED capable of 4K in 120Hz

but thats what the advertising says. it took me little while to figure out how to make it all work…
first of all there are two sides of this equation - input and output oc.

TV input is capable of 4K 120Hz via HDMI2.1 but realized that my RTX2070S output has only HDMI2.0. who would think about that !?

that means that by default this graphic card is capable of output of max 2K in 120Hz.
but even then it is not straight forward. one needs to change the resolution not directly via windows Display Settings but via NVIDIA Control panel. and even there you have to scroll down in the res list to select from the PC section (see pic below)

not here

but here the PC res

so now I run 2K in 120Hz. and I must admit I am quite happy with the overall picture quality. e.g. IL2 BOX runs on my rig in 120FPS online and I got used to this picture smoothness.

and I have to say that after using this pancake screen for few days now I wont go back to VR anytime soon! VR just isnt for me for now :slight_smile:

but how about that 4K in 120Hz?
seems like the only way is the Display Port. RTX 20XX cards should have DP1.4. So all one need in addition is adapter from DP1.4 to HDMI2.1. I have ordered one. Will let you know if it will provide the magic in form of 4K 120Hz. But I guess I will stay with the 2K for now, you know the better contacts visibility in IL2 is hard to beat with only better res :wink:


here we go

for anyone interested its via this adapter

CLUB3D DisplayPort1.4 to HDMI 4K120Hz HDR

so sharp and smooth now (it was sharp even before but not smooth), I have again ‘tears in my eyes’… oc they drop at rate of 120Hz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

and small recap of my big screens :
40" TV FHD at 60Hz → 43" TV 4K at 60Hz → 55" TV 4K at 60Hz → 55" TV FHD at 120Hz (where I realized I need 120Hz) → back to 43" TV 4K at 60Hz → 55" QLED TV 2K/4K at 120Hz

will see what I will prefer whether better FPS in 2K or just 4K resolution with no compromises