4th sale going on at xplane.org

The 407 is speaking to me right now, “Come get me Chipwich, please.” Probably will bight once we get home tonight.

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I bought a ridiculous amount of stuff this sale.

And one that wasn’t even ON sale…but I’ve been craving for some time - Felis Yak 40 for $10:


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I have one that is probably sitting on the dock up in Alaska at the moment…

Thats beautiful scenery, though I’m a little worried about that 172 when you crank those engines up lol

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Nice read Beach. I’ve been need to read the EPOCH thread through. The shots of the 407 on the trailer are great. Funny, last week during the middle of my Down Wind cheeseburger, a 206 taxied by the deck and down to the other end of the Epps ramp. It finished with a nice pirouette and perfect landing on one of those little helicopter dollies in one smooth move. I admired and envied the skill of the pilot who felt so confident in the Bell.

Picked up the 407 and the DH-2. Might go back and get the Twotter and Husky to more or less complete a little bush flying service.

Yeah - I always stop what I’m doing to watch our MedCenter Air helo pilots do their thing - it’s incredible how precisely they can fly…even in gusty winds.

You’ll love that 407. And that SoulMade DH-2 is phenomenal. And the RWDesigns Twotter is really nice.

The only things I’d like that I’m waffling on are:

Tu-154 (just don’t know that I’d fly it enough to make it worth it…)

I’d love the SH-3 Sea King, but to me $24.45 is still a bit steep for a product that is pretty old now…

Similarly, I’d like the Red Eyes AN-2, but the price isn’t reduced yet enough for me…

Do I detect a fondness for Yakovlev, Tupolev, and Antonov haute couture? Perhaps when Cessna and Beechcraft are your day to day working tools, one develops a taste for Iron Curtain exotics. Or is it the turquoise panel paint? :slight_smile:

I spent some time tooling around Stewart, BC in the 407 last night, and wow, is it fantastic. The first lap around the pea patch was a “Where have you been all my life?” moment for sure. Certainly a lot sportier than the 412. I’m really going to have some fun in this thing. One finger of Wild Turkey 81 neat, my Warthog, some good PNW scenery, and the 407, I might just have created the perfect way to unwind after a day in the trenches.

Didn’t have time to crack the seal on the Beaver or Twotter, but I see some CZST - PAWG fright jobs in the near future for those lovelies.

A couple of questions on the 407 pls. Is the aircraft condition persistent with restart of X-Plane, and until you reset it with the smart gui thingy? In other words, if a pilot would exceed max torque allowed :smiling_imp:, then restart the sim, the chk instrument warning light seems to stay on.

And, even though I mapped and checked the output for Force Trim and Release Trim, as well as added those Key commends in XP, it didn’t seem to work in the sim. Do I need to enable something else for Force Trim to work?


Sorry - I was out of town for the past week (really, really out of town…LOL…) and I don’t know the answer to your two questions off the top of my head actually. Somehow, I doubt that the sim remembers the maintenance state of aircraft between sim sessions (closing the sim and reopening it), but I could be wrong.

No worries. I’ve determined that the Report stays persistent with the selected livery and that all conditions can be reset except for crashes, which fortunately I have avoided so far. Still working on the trim. I know that it works, because Froogle uses it in his review. In the meantime, the four-way turd is working for trim.

In other news, the Gazelle seems to have been tamed a bit in 1.5.4. IMO, a mellowed Gazelle is very much like flying an undamped 407 :slight_smile: If you can fly one, the other will feel natural.

Yeah, that is how I’ve been trimming it all along - never got into the force trim use in that helo.

I heard about that prior to going on vacation - can’t wait to give it a go…!