50,000 Image Composite - Big Ol Moon


Desktop background fodder. For me, I rotated it and reduced it down to a 20MB or so desktop image, but still really nice.

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As lots of broken links in the usual reddit chaos, I found it worked from here (warning: 290MB image link follows): http://test.nyy.ca/mosaic.zip

EDIT: For those not sure, normally the light side of this image would be on the right in the Northern hemisphere, and the other way around for those antipodean’s standing upside-down.


Good grief…looking at the edges of the moon is awesome. What a stunning composite…


Is that a very large plateau in the upper half just left of center?


Here maybe? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mare_Serenitatis

Between the Apollo 15 and 17 landings. Nice map here:



That’s awesome FF!


Not to be an alarmist but…has anyone else noticed what happens when you zoom in a bit…

…should we be concerned? :open_mouth:


That’s no moon!


OK…I can see that…but how does it look if you are standing on the equator? :thinking: I guess you can stand either way…you are essentially looking straight up…or it may have something to do with the Earth’s inclination…need to Google the @#$# out of this. :neutral_face: