6-screen simming


Honestly, that X-Force guy builds some dangerous setups… dangerous for my bank balance.
Thank goodness for VR.

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Yup … this guy is knocking himself out when he could just grab a VR headset. He has three 60" TV’s on top running at 1080p which is just a blurry waste of space. (I’m running one 2160p 60" TV :slight_smile: )

Call me when he has six 4K screens operational. :slight_smile:

Well…it is cool enough…the obvious question is why not just VR it. He seems to have a physical Bell 407 panel which would make large aspects of VR superfluous…but I hope he really, really love flying the Bell because that’s all that set up can do.

BTW, with VR, I understand you use the mouse as you would with a flatscreen to click cockpit switches…what about seeing the keyboard for key strokes you couldn’t map to the joystick/throttle? The DCS Knee board for example.

Button box.

I’ve seen a few of his videos (maybe it’s a kind of cockpit pron to me) but he has numerous bits of hardware (helo, civ-av yokes, etc). It’s all extremely cool but I do wonder about the setup time.

Thank goodness for VR or I’d likely start trying to emulate what he does after a while to the shrieks of protest from my bank account.

Like the cougar “MFDs” that I just go?

The Cougar MFD panels work quite well with VR once you get some practice with them.

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I was wondering that actually. Would I be able to use Cougar MFD in VR or is it just a mess of fumbling around (I image it absolutely is at first) but do you in fact get used to it to the point of being at least somewhat competent?

I just wish that I could get 3 of them to work independently.

3x 4k

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