60's Tv show theme songs

Guess The 60s TV Show Theme Song!

I missed 8 of them. How well can you do?
Post your results between spoiler tags.

Play before looking at the answers.


The Andy Griffith Show
Beverly Hillbillies
The Adams Family (Missed - Guessed the Munsters)
Star Trek: The Original Series
Get Smart
The Munsters
The Twilight Zone
I Dream Of Jeannie
Gilligan’s Island
The Dick Van D yke Show
Doctor Who (Missed)
The Avengers (Missed)
Petticoat Junction
Mission: Impossible
My Three Sons (Missed even though the theme song was very familiar.)
Lost in Space
Dark Shadows (Missed)
My Favorite Martian (Missed)
The Patty Duke Show
The Virginian (Missed)
Daniel Boone (Missed)
The Wild Wild West
Hogan’s Heroes
Green Acres
Mister Ed
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
F Troop



Haha I did surprisingly good for someone born in '86. I only missed two.

My favorite martian, lost in space

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Hmmm, easier for me to list the ones I got right.

Gotit right away:
The Adams Family
Star Trek: The Original Series
Gotit halfway through
Mission: Impossible
Guessed from text
The Twilight Zone
The rest about 50/50 (I knew about or have never heard or seen anything about.)

Happy Simming

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Missed 4…and unfortunately was singing along with all the ones that had lyrics…well at least it will get the Star Blazers theme out of my head… :grimacing:

The Avengers, My Three Sons, Dark Shadows, The Virginian.

Surprised they didn’t use Branded

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I can whistle/hum/sing on demand a slew of 70s/80s/90s theme songs, with a good number of 50s and 60s thrown in there.

But post 2000? So few. The new BSG, GoT, maybe a couple of others. Most TV shows got rid of their opening credits and with that the themes went with them.

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Yep, I was looking for a couple of those and was surprised when they did not show up too.