720 degree flight simulator hardware

This will be my new setup… just need to win the lottery

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I’m curious about the power needs…

Odd no clips with VR helmets, as that would be ideal, what with field of view etc. That way could introduce a feeling of acceleration a bit disconnected from what you see on the screen. Nintendo even have a decent Mario Karts VR like that - would love it with Dirt Rally :slight_smile:

Yeah… And are they fast enough? If they lag behind the visuals, you will get motion sickness. Would be fun to try it out though.


No MiG-21 then! that thing rolls in under a second…


Full motion attempts to mimic accelerations not rates. This is why I think Mario Kart would be much harder to simulate convincingly than DCS. Whatever. My stomach would last about 5 seconds in that contraption!

Which is why these 360° thingys are a bad idea. I doubt you can make them fast enough, and it would be impossible to simulate a 1g roll, or a loop, when you hang upside down. Becuse you’re going to be -1g on top, no matter how hard you pull in the sim.

In that regard, +/-60° would be plenty.


This looks cheap!


Those things on the back of the hand seem to allow simultanous use of real life controller and your virtual hands - why don’t we have this for the Rift? :slight_smile: