767 For X-plane 10 Promo Video

Coming very soon Im guessing.

For the MD80 this same guy released a promo video for the ROtate MD0 the day it came out. So I would imagine within a week.


Store link has it listed at $65.

I hope this means the 757 will go on sale.

I love Flight factors planes.

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And she’s released! Unfortunately I’ll have to wait. I just got the MD 80 which didnt go over to well in my house. lol

Heres hoping for a flightfactor holiday sale!!! Not on the 767 but at least the 757 :wink:

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Yeah…I got enough at the moment… I will probably pass on the 767 since I have the 757 and they are sort of the same type of aircraft…

I’m wishing for an A318…the Baby Bus…something about that plane appeals to me…