A-10 Gau-8 Loads

What I use to when I was in the USAF.


Cool video. I was a 2w1 in a past life as well. Never loaded a gun as I was B-one loader. After being away from it for a while it’s easier to appreciate the speed and accuracy they train for. Good times, can’t say I miss the barn though.

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Wow. Cool… Never really remember seeing a close up video of the damage pattern. Nice video… Does the gun require much maintenance?


I started on B-1s and moved to F-15Cs and then went on to A-10s. Best part of my career was the day I got promoted to E6. No more load barn!!!

Depends on your definition of much. After the last flight of the day of the gun fired you have to lube and inspect the gun. Every 7 days you have to lube and inspect the gun as well. And once every 18 months or x amount of rounds the entire system comes out of the jet and get torn down and rebuilt.