A-10C Red Flag Campaign

I’ve spent over an hour reading the intro, the docs, the maps, and have yet to start the mission, but I’m already loving this.

Well written, well prepared, this really feels like the real deal.

“The Hog guys eat their young”, is what they say. It’s true. In the debrief, we leave rank at the door. “You’re dead, bro. You’re focused so hard on getting into a weapons envelope that you don’t see MANPADS launched at you”. “Why did you Maverick the eastern Strela instead of the western one?” Every mistake freeze-framed on the debriefing TV and evaluated from all angles on the ACMI (air combat maneuvering instrumentation) screen, every action questioned and assessed.

A typical sortie lasts a couple of hours or so. But it’s common in the debrief to be entering the third hour with no end in sight…The mood is always serious and professional. There’s no ridicule or hazing. No, this is about learning, about refining, about turning bad guys into teeth, hair and eyeballs in the safest, most efficient way possible. And it’s exhausting. The Hog debrief is brutal, but it’s one of the things that makes us the leading distributor of Russian tank parts in the world.

AARs to follow.

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If only there was a way to edit the mission and make a flight of A-10C’s multiplayer (clients).


I believe Steve Davies was a consultant on the Red Flag campaigns - so a lot of the authenticity can probably be attributed to him - and Wags knows a thing or two about that kind of stuff to… :wink:

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Not to mention they have pilots consulting on other projects that have flown Red Flag that helped out as well.

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