A couple of Viggen Questions

Alright, it’s been a bit since I took the Viggen out, so maybe I just missed an update.

  1. The radar seems have a lot less resolution, do I need to twiddle the settings to get be able to see things, or is the current radar picture what it is? For example in the Red Flag mission 5 you are supposed to use a radar fix on the farms to update your nav. The picture in the briefing document of the Viggen radar scope is massively clearer than what I’m seeing live.

  2. Is terrain avoidance mode broke? I pretty much just have a blank display.

  3. What is the suggested altitude to for a pop up dive bombing attack? I’m usually getting up to around 2000 meters to have enough time to get the bombing cures in the HUD.
    3a) Are the cues working correctly? Per the manual the wings appearing is the drop indicator, Chucks guide indicates the flashing distance line. Neither seem to get a direct hit. Also it seems like the steering cue marker doesn’t work correctly? I try to drive the piper to the circle, but all that does is string my release all over the place.

Thanks in advance!

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1&2: The radar suffers from the new lighting in DCS. It’s being updated.
3: I haven’t tried pop ups in a while… Can’t remember. Must try it again to see.


Ah good to know the radar is being addressed. Off to go work on my popup’s some more.

Honestly haven’t used it much. I only made one profile, at sea level, for MK82 and created a kneeboard. Gives me a starting point at least.

Playing with it some more, I found that around 1500m AGL with a 3-5km slant range works reasonably well. Still not sure on the steering cue, but it’s good enough to put a Viggen load of bombs across the large bombing circle. I have to get ready for work, but testing will continue.

@jross Excellent! Thank you, I will check that out when I get home tonight.

Pinging my sensei of pop-up attacks: @MBot

If I remember correctly distance from target and climb angle are the more important cues and altitude is just a result. 5 km sound about right.

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I’m doing a complete re-work of the Viggen guide (hopefully it will be out by Christmas) and so far the cues work properly. I did fix many mistakes though. A few questions:

  1. What bomb type are you using? Low drag or high drag?
  2. What release mode are you using? (PLAN, DYK or RR?)
  3. For a dive bombing attack the dive is generally initiated from 700 meters. Approach altitude is about 50 meters from the ground. Going higher may give you better visibility but also expose you to other threats.
  4. I can send you a few screenies of the revised DYK procedure if you want.

There was this Viggen pilot that did a few video’s on youtube on how to properly attack in DCS following real life procedures. Can’t find it right now but i’ll see if I can… I should have bookmarked that…

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That would be good to watch. Man, the “V” would be at the top of my list, if I had a list.

It was very interesting in how he described the attack profile. Haven’t found it yet…

Low drag in DYK, I have found that using quick release mode (not switching the master mode over to ANF), gives me the bomb strike location I was expecting. ANF seems to strike longer than expected sometines.

I’ll absolutely take some screenshots, thanks!

I know what you are talking about, and I should have done the same. Would certainly have helped answer my questions lol

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Thanks! I think I might have spotted my problem, I wasn’t going to idle on the dive, let me see what that does this evening.

In that mission I also had trouble to make the fields visible. Had to do some strong adjustments on the radar and got a fix in the last moment done.

For a DYK attack, 2000 metres pop-up is way too high. That is what we use for a Maverick stand-off attack.

This video is based on real life procedure by an ex-Viggen pilot but adjusted for DCS:

His description is in this forum post:

This profile gives very little time to adjust but exposure is very short and shooting cue is almost instant.

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Excellent, thank you. Definitely something to work on. So that’s a much shallower dive angle then I was expecting. Which considering that the idea is to drop a string of bombs at a minimum of 10m long, does kind of make sense.