A Decade of Sun

NASA SDO images in a timelapse.

Mesmerizing, Majestic, Massive…

Also, happy birthday, @SkateZilla!


Thanks for sharing that @Poneybirds! That is amazing!

My birthday is in February?

Oh, sorry I found the „Cakeday“ section and confused it with birthdays. Must be your 5 year MS anniversary then. Congratulations anyways :smiley:

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You must be the most honest man on the web!
I would’ve sent @Poneybirds my paypal mail and wishlist… :roll_eyes:


I’d watch the video but I was always told, “never stare directly at the sun”


That’s just because nobody knows what will happen if the sun blinks first… :sun_with_face:


I think my kids have some eclipse glasses somewhere around here from the other year, maybe if I put them on and turn the brightness on my monitor all the way up… :smiley:

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Two movie recommendations come to mind:
Pi (1998) and the one where they fly towards the sun in a spaceship with a big umbrella in front… was it Sunshine (2007)?

I looked at the sun when I was 10. I was at the pool and had a towel over my head and looked at the sun with my left eye for maybe 30 seconds. I have had a burned out spot ever since and it prevents me from seeing the smaller two lines of letters on an eye chart.

Who has watched the entire video?

@WreckingCrew that sucks! I remember doing something similar as a kid (way more than once) but only for a second or two. Childhood is totally wasted on children.

@apollon01 We can’t claim to have paid attention to every second but we had it on the TV this morning during coffee. I missed the last 10 minutes though. Did it blow up?


I thought about putting a donate button on my FB Page, thought about it for a whole 2.5 minutes then said naaaah

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