A Deep-Diving Sub. A Deadly Fire. And Russia’s Secret Undersea Agenda

Interesting read about a specific Russian submarine and the strategic considerations.


I cannot read the article because to do so would require me to subscribe to the NY Times, which I patently refuse to do. Due to Mudspike’s prohibitions on decrying various news outlets in a way that could be construed as political, I shall refrain from doing with regard to this publication.

If this is about the Mike SSN which was lost on 7 April 1989, I was on duty in the CNO’s Intelligence Plot in the Pentagon when that happened, so I have no comment.


It was an open article for me, anyway and I’m not a subscriber.

It’s about the Losharik that caught fire last july.

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Ah…yes, I know that one well although not being an active member of “the community” I hadn’t heard of the fire…and even more so, have no comment.

So…how about them Mets? I think they have a real chance this year. :grimacing:


Generally, most online papers will allow 10 free viewings of articles. I do know the NYTs has made all articles free to the public regarding coronavirus. If one cannot read the above referecned article openly and one is not a subscriber, then clear your browser’s cookie cache. That usually does the trick.

Truly, thanks for the advice. I did not know that was a work around and I shall try that if I get blocked by other sites…but not this one as have no desire to read anything they publish.

The gist of the article is about Russia leveraging submarine tech for unconventional sea warfare – using deep diving subs to hit communication networks on the seafloor.

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