A delicate touch


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Wow. Oh… Hows the pilot and passengers?

"All six passengers and the pilot were aboard at the time of the incident and all miraculously walked away from it unhurt.

There’s pictures of the aftermath in the article.

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Wow, what happened? It’s hard to resolve the swashplate with this resolution/compression, but the rotor disk definitely tilts forward at 0:17.

A gust of wind can cause the rotor disk to tilt (flapback/blowback), but I don’t know what it would take to make the disk tilt that much. It almost looked like someone (pilot? passenger?) knocked the cyclic forward right on touchdown.

That was my thought. The news reports a huge gust of wind…but really, that looked like a control input. Or…perhaps once the helo set down the pilot sort of lightened up his hand on the cyclic and a huge gust of wind just sorta ripped it out of his hands forward… I dunno…but that was some scary stuff…

Them ducks are going…down…