A DIY Radar Controller


I will! :slight_smile:

Can’t decide if I want to buff it to a mirror shine or keep it slightly dull…


I personally love the scotchbrite look, but hey. each to their own.


How 'bout this?
Wet&dry and then scotchbriteroll in a dremel…


Yisssss! Even a bearing in there!


Ordered PCBs today…


Oh yes!
Being a two-stage trigger I thought I needed it to be smooth but firm.
The first stage, or detent if you will is triggered by the compression of a spring. The next detent is triggered by direct contact with the trigger. Hope it works! :wink:
I have done some tests, but won’t know for sure until I get the handle printed parts…


OMG. Troll, that’s some serious skill!
100% mad respect.


It’s all about the tools… :wink:


Heheh in Italy we say “Tools make half the skill”.
"L’attrezzo è mezzo maestro".


Awesome saying! :heart_eyes:


A mockup test of the trigger…


Yep now I can see what a bearing is useful, although a simple plain bearing(google translate, in dutch it’s glijlager and glidlager in Swedish) should have sufficed too! This kind of bearing is not really designed for this(but does work).


Yeah, it’s a matter of using what you have in the spare parts box :wink:


Haha, see I always anguish over things like that. I am literally the worst prototyper there is.


I thought I was… I can spend ages designing and procastinating :wink:


Haha nah, I am most definitely worse. Give me a drawing and I’ll build it for you, but when I have to design from scratch I tend to over analyse every single decisions.


We must have had the same teacher, or share some DNA… :wink:


We are tinkerers, makers and hackers. But deep down inside we are engineers that enjoy seeing a properly calculated support structure, we like drawings that show us what’s going on. We don’t want to know how, or why. We want to know everything about something. It’s our curse and blessing :wink:


That’s so true! Well put!


I suppose we could have some really long winded and confusing conversations for bystanders if we’d ever meet at the Annual Mudspike BBQ :wink: