A DIY section?

I have been thinking about this for a while and I think that it could be a good idea, to add a DIY section to the forum.

The great and inspiring modding and custom builds, get more and more numerous here, so it would make it easier to find those that would be helpful for whatever project that strikes ones fancy.

It could be a section on its own or a subforum in Hardware & Tech Questions section.

I think that there is quality and quantity enough to warrant its own section, but that’s just my opinion.

I for one have several projects that would fit right in and I have discovered a Makerspace fairly close to me, that have a professional lasercutter. So now I have added some buttonboxes to the todo list and some of the enclosure parts for my 3D printer will be lasercut. I have also ordered a laserhead for the 3D printer, so now I will have to see what I can do with it.

I find it great to be able to see and be inspired by others creativity and it is also great to share my own doings as well. It gives great satisfaction if I can be an inspiration, encourage to go ahead and attempt DIY and show the pitfalls I stumbled into, so others can avoid them.

The willingness here to help out a fellow simmer with whatever problem that is bothering, is just so wonderful and I am very happy to be a part of one the best places in the internet.

Mudspike! Mudspike! Mudspike! Mudspike! Mudspike!

What do you think?


We seem to get more crazy tinkerers here.
I’ll make an appointment to see the boss.


It’s probably quite a good idea, we should start a wiki on how design and build a simpit :wink:


oooo, so many variables
VR, augmented or 2D &
full cockpit tactile panels or touch screens?
motion 2/3/6 DoF or static?
backlit or flood lighting?
platform specific or a generic hybrid?
fixed wing or rotary wing?
military or civil?
portable or immobile?
full size or space restricted?
& the list goes on…

seriously dipping your toes into a very deep pool

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for it
back in the day I built my Mk II cockpit which ended up being the inspiration for the now infamous Akers-Barnes cockpit, which I was very humbled that Peter & Michael credited me for in their design…

I’ve always been a fan of having a dedicated sim-pit.
but everyone will have specific preferences and requirements
they may not have the funds, the space, the skillset or simply the time required
(everyone is time-poor!)

There have been some excellent articles on various websites over the years on considerations for planning / building a sim pit
It would be nice to have a resource here to set the standard ‘benchmark’ for all DIY simpit
much akin to “Chuck’s Guides” being the unofficial ‘how-to’ for learning any DCS module
but there are also so many existing sites for each respective genre

I mean how many different DIY 7n7 cockpits have you seen online?
some of those guys are complete nutters…
Long-term OCD-suffering rabbit-hole-free-falling technofile degenerates. :rofl:


Not like us, at all…


Good news, guys!
There will be a DIY section!


I got ya Gadget, currently building a simpit myself. The only useful thing I can share is tailor made components that you could drop in somewhere else, Cougar MFD with a LCD, drop in gauges that function with an arduino/DCS-BIOS. That sort of thing. I am going to do everything on Github, helps people get started I suppose.

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We’re all doomed!
DOOMED - I tell you!

we’re all going to end up like Jonesy (below)

@TheAlmightySnark the arduino code and DCS-BIOS will be definite winners (personally)
I’ve yet to delve into DCS-BIOS at all.
perhaps a library (cheat sheet) of commonly sought after functions per platform… (if thats appropriate)
A-10C; master caution, etc.
F-18; extend hook, etc.
as well as any really obscure / tricky ones

There’s only so much you can achieve with the hardware, at some point it needs to talk to the sim… (then I’m screwed)

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I was just going to go with a few examples and implementations, so that the pro-active copy’n’pasters among us can easily use it!

My Simple-INS project is also showing how to interface with X-plane from start to finish, as will the soon to be released X-plane to Stellarium project :wink:

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Says the man who just purchased a lathe to build control stick buttons! :astonished:


To be fair, I did not exclude myself from that group… :wink:


What you just cut up a keyboard and place the default mapped key under the physical switch or knob and have it activate the keyboard key mechanically. You just run the diced up keyboard switch board circuit mat through a multiplexer to get the correct inputs and then output that through a PS2 to USB convertor. If at some point the sim changes the default key bind you just crawl under/behind there and move the physical keys around where they need to be, and probably end up running new wire while you’re there, and changing out the multiplexer because you have a new better design… Couldn’t be simpler lol



The new DIY section.

Edit the title of your DIY posts and change category to Hardware & Tech Questions - DIY.

For me, DIY section is visible in the main Category list as subcategory.

But I can’t create new topic or change the category of existing topic.
It’s just isn’t listed as subcategory using these options.

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I could create a new DIY topic, but I am also not able to change category on my existing topics.
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I have added a new T16000m DIY mods topic to the DIY section where I have combined and rewritten both of my T16000m topics.

My Finished modding my T16000m and My modded TM T16000m DIY topics can now be locked and deleted.

With regards to renaming and recategorisation, may I suggest that those of us who only have the member badge, post our existing topics here with wished for namechanges?

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DIY is a subcategory of the Hardware category, just like the subcategories in the Fligjtsim category.

Could you try posting again?

OK now. I closed my browser tab and opened it again and it works as advertised.

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Evidently I am just a “Mudspike Mug Holder”, which probably means I can hold a Mudspike Mug…which I often do. :thinking:

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Well if you keep drinking coffee from that Mudspike Mug @Hangar200 you will become Regular. :astonished:


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