A farewell to my past life- towards something new


As many here knows (I do tend to repeat myself a lot…) I am currently an expert IT for flight simulators for the Italian Airforce.

I gave 15 years to this company and while it allowed me a decent life- I also realised pretty fast there was no more room for personal growth, no more steps, no more to learn.
Lately I started fighting with rising costs of life essentials, rising bills, unhappiness and suffering greatly of depression (for a lot of personal/non-personal reasons).

For the past few months I had a very nice talk with a very skilled individual whose kids go to the same school as mine and we found quite well together.
After some curious discussions I received an intriguing offer and I kept thiking about it night and day.

A whole new environment, a whole new lot of challenges, new faces, a completely different mindset and better working conditions- both monetary and Quality-of-Life stuff.

I am ready to let go and move forward.

Wish me a little luck.

Will report when ready- I might be off here for a bit.
I love you all and know that each one of you is important to me, whether we agree all the time or not, whether you laugh at my stupid jokes on Teamspeak or not…
There has been rarely a Forum I loved as much as I do with this now.

So I hope you’ll understand if some things will be moved unto the back burner for a while.

Thank you all and sorry for the lenghty post.


Good luck mate. You are gonna rock it, be sure. Two more weeks.


Good luck, friend!


Sounds exciting. Self-directed life changes like the one you appear to be embarking upon often work out. And the people who leave the safety of the status quo to risk the unkown are generally more successful and happier than the rest of the population. I learned both these facts from TED Talks so they must be true. In bocca al lupo!


Sometimes you need to move on.

All the best, my friend!


Best of luck komemiute! I hope everything will go your way.


Good luck with the changes, all the best to you and the family



The best of luck @komemiute. I’ve had to change directions more than a few times over the years due to corporate mergers or relationships coming to an end, and while it’s a monumental task, best to put your head down, press on, and not look over your shoulder. In most, if not all cases, my situation greatly improved. Relationship 2.0 is an unquestionable upgrade.

My brother passed on a saying a long time ago, that has done me well over the years. It goes something like this, “When the ox and cart are stuck in the ditch, the only way to get them out is - to get in the ditch.”


Best of luck for the future @komemiute . Having spent three years in an IT job where I watched the clock from 9am-5pm Monday - Friday, not enjoying what I was doing, I can relate a little. It becomes miserable and that can affect all other aspects of life.

Fortunately, I was able to make a pretty dramatic life change, thanks in no small part to my wife for her amazing support (the fact that she is a US citizen helped considerably too). We packed up and moved to the States from England back in 2002 and I can honestly say it has all worked out well beyond my wildest hopes and dreams.

I have learned that great opportunities are out there, but you have to keep your eyes open, and reach out and grab them with both hands when they present themselves. The great stuff rarely seems to happen when you are plodding along in the center of your comfort zone.

Be sure to check in on us here when you can!


Good luck Kome…wish U the best…thank U for revealing me the new DCS radar enviroment:wink::wink:


Good luck with the new challenges ahead…! I’m sure with your passion and talent you will land in something better. We will certainly be here when you’ve settled in. Best of luck my friend.


Good luck @komemiute, I am excited for you! I think some of the bravest people in the world are those who risk change in their lives to make it better for themselves and those who depend on them. It is so hard to do.

The analogy that I always try keep with me and will now clumsily pass on to you is this:

You must steer into the wave. You must understand that the waves will always come, and that to successfully navigate them you must take the wheel and steer into them. if you try to go sideways and ignore them they will capsize you. If you try to sail away from them they will catch you, overtake you, and swamp you. You must always be ready to plot a new course directly for them.


Good luck @komemiute with the upcomming move. I inderstand now the b1’s are having issues, revamping of the f-111 sims to cover could be fun !!!


Wishing you all the best komi! See you again soon…


Best of luck to you.


Good luck! I made a similar change last year after having worked IT for 6 years. It’s made a world of difference and I suspect you’ll feel the same way.


Good luck to you @komemiute.


Good luck! Exciting!


I admire your courage. Best of luck !!!


Good luck Komemiute! Wish you all the best!