A Fitting Replacement for the Hawk?

I love the short-coupled look of the Hawk. This design might even improve on it. But for now its just a drawing on a napkin looking for investors.

Aeralis Trainer


It looks great, but getting a government to buy from a small startup company will be an uphill battle. More realistically, the UK would probably look to buy the Boeing T-X. With the size of the RAF these days, we would only need a handful :wink: .

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Mmm…trying to bring a new product to the market. I can’t imagine the ambition and stubbornness it would take to bull your way into that industry. Good looking airplanes and best of luck to them!

Hijacking my own thread but I bought the Hawk. As @PaulRix said, it works well with the VR controls. Its beautifully done.

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Just for clarity’s sake, you mean the X-Plane one, right? :clown_face:


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It certainly follows the, ‘if it looks good, it probably flies good’ dictum.

Am I the only one that thinks it looks like an Alpha Jet impersonating an MB 346? Can’t say I’m smitten.

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@fearlessfrog I was not aware that any other sim existed. (Yes, X-Plane, sorry)

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