A Funny Peak into the Mind of my Hero, Curtis Pitts

Curtis Pitts designed the Pitts “Special”, an aerobatic biplane that turned the competition and airshow world upsidedown back in the 60’s. The machines of the era were heavy, expensive and powerful. The “Special” was light and nimble. And it the right hands (not mine) she is still a decent little contender.

Anyway, Curtis was a “good ole boy” who wasn’t a fan of the government in general and the FAA specifically. When he was certifying the two place version of the biplane, called the S-2, the FAA rejected his drop test data because testing wasn’t done with a tailwheel. So he redid the test and included a note which is part of the official certification record. Hidden in the note is an endearing message to the FAA. See if you can find it!

(Oh, and if you do, Congratulations! But please don’t spoil it for the rest. Thank you.)


Found it immediately- LOVED IT! :smiley:

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Same here. Hahahaha

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OMG!!! :star_struck:

Mr. Pitts is now my hero as well!

Oi! You guys are making me feel stupid! I pulled that off another forum. You will notice that I wasn’t alone in not seeing it. (In our defense, the photo was posted sideways)

The Biplane Forum

Ha…it took me two looks through but I finally got it. :rofl:

Hilarious! :slight_smile:
I just have to send it to my co-workers, they’re gonna love it!

I cant see anything :sunglasses:

Gee, reminds me of my 6 years working for the DOD!

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It’s the first thing I look for in any text.

Has anyone sent you a nasty text that way?
All this time I’ve never thought of doing that.
Took me 49 years!
Anyway, it’s hard to write like this.
Need to wind this up.
Always writing nonsense on Mudspike.
Super waste of time.
So, I should go now. No offense intended. :grin:


Thx Smokin, I got it :grinning: