A little bit too close for comfort



ATC: “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, do you have the traffic at your 3 o’clock?”
Pilot: “Whiskey Tango is looking for the HOLY $@!#@!..traffic in sight.”

Could they be filming for an advert or something? The helo looks like it’s keeping position while the Emirates zooms past. Otherwise it is definitely a case of ‘AAH I HAVE TRAFFIC IN AARGHH SIGHT’

I first saw this video on reddit.com titled “Air to Air Photoshoot”, but the “OH CRAP” concept is much more fun.

Pilot: “Uh, ATC, we’re going to need to file a near-miss report…as well as a request for fresh underpants.”

Caution wake turbulence?? We ARE wake turbulence…

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