A Perfect Field Landing/Touch and Go

well, almost! :joy:


That’s an awesome GIF…gorgeous! And yet…tragic…LOL… Nice one!


Thanks. Also just so you know…

that is the exact real time recording of the touch and go crash. I had forgotten to press the record hotkeys before this, but was able to capture it with Shadowplay…thank Nvidia!

So this was the view I was playing around with trying to land some touch and goes, then out of nowhere…wham bam thank you mam!

It really scared me!!! :sweat_smile:

I’ll bet that did startle you! Even without sound it made me flinch! :smiley:

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Looks like you were cleared for the option, but just make the transition to full stop a little differently than most pilots! :wink:

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:scream: Indeed!!! It’s such a fun sim even when flailing and failing!