A real world A320 pilot on simulators, virtual reality and the upcoming MSFS 2020

I agree with maybe 30% of what he had to say.


Yeah, but which 30%?! :smiley:

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I think you are being generous. He doesn’t seem to be a simmer for the enjoyment of it.


I’m with Paul on this.

…I like the whole “A real world A320 pilot”…as opposed to “A fake world A320 pilot…”? :laughing:


Yea really. With that attitude those of us that do not or can not fly would never get to enjoy any of the experience.


I mean, really, who cares?! A good quarter of the participants on this forum are “real pilots”. Does it mean much? Yes but only insofar as we are discussing something well inside our wheelhouses. (Actual planes we fly; airports we’ve operated into, etc) And the whole STICK vs YOKE thing. Please sing along with me: IT TOTALLY DOESN’T MATTER! It’s just an input method. I used to teach the A320. Nobody ever sat in the seat, took off, and said, “This stick is weird!” They just flew. The brain flys, not the hands. I fly a big yoke (left hand) at work. I fly a center, floor mounted stick at play (right hand). And I sim with a right joystick. (Or no stick at all–see my many stump speeches about VR controls). None of it matters. He is right about 2 pilot operations. But how are any of us ever going to get past that?? Unless 2 people fly over a LAN. Or someone codes an AI First Officer. But in both cases, the operation will still be so far removed from reality that it will be a fruitless exercise to try it. But again, that’s not the point. We are not trying to be airline pilots (god forbid!) or Tomcat pilots or GV pilots. We are trying to emulate at home a unique experience that is as close to flying as possible. We want to learn, yes. But more importantly we want to have fun. To me, the guy is just another dufuss who’s been given his 5 minutes on FaceBook. Good for him. But, as @PaulRix correctly observes, he’s no simer.


I dont fly commercial so my opinion may not be totally valid on this.

I find for vfr flight and basic instrument flying the sims we have today are more than adequate. More importantly they are very fun and i find them to be a great replacement for when I get weathered off of my real flying.
This guy seems to want a perfect experience similar to his actual aircraft.
I suggest hiring a co pilot, moving the simulator up to the roof of the building in the wind and getting his first officer to rock his chair back and forth when hes finished reading the checklists to him haha :rofl:


The thing is, even a Level D sim won’t meet (or come close to) the expectations he listed for a desktop entertainment sim.


What a pompous
”Works for a german aircraft carrier”…? :thinking:

I was a simmer before I was a pilot.
A genuine love of aviation lead to model airplanes and flightsims and then to flightschool. I still build and fly model airplanes and I still enjoy flightsims, because they still fuel my passion for aviation.
If you want to get detailed about it you can find faults everywhere.

I wholeheartedly agree with @smokinhole’s comments.
Why we fly on our computers and if we do it with a 15” CRT or a HP Reverb, a fully fledged home cockpit or a keyboard and what we get out of that is nobody’s bloody business. We have fun! All that matters. Period.



I can’t wait to watch this…been at work all afternoon planning a fun flight for tomorrow to a place I haven’t been. Hmm…might have to check it out on my simulator tonight… :rofl:

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Ah…so it is a typed interview:

“No, and I havent found a good simulator that gives me realistic flight feeling, sharp aircraft behaviour along with low configuration effort… P3d and Xplane still require hours of addon and plugin work to have it 75% realistic… thats not customer friendly, if your customers follow a regular job…”

Default X-Plane aircraft such as the MD-82 and B-737 would actually give a fair bit of “low configuration effort” with fair results. I mean, if you are just trying to brush up on approaches and fly some hand flown precision or non-precision approaches, there is plenty of meat on that bone. And if you really wanted to fly something more detailed and specific, heck…one airplane module installs in no time is great right out of the box.

I dont need to have a one to one apron building hd foto, but I need to see the powerline crossing in short final, you know?

Why? I have never had a close encounter with a powerline on short final, but I have certainly needed an overview of the airport to make sure I go to the right apron. Just an hour ago I looked at Google Earth to examine the ramp at Veracruz, Mexico so that I can familiarize myself with the apron layout and taxiways. I’m not sure that I need powerlines.

His opinions on VR are a bit rigid in my opinion. There are still a lot of fun things to do in 2D, and even training concepts that can be accomplished in 2D. In fact, I’d argue that doing an avionics or FMS/FMC trainer in 2D is far better than doing it in VR.

Okay, a flight sim needs to be operated with Yoke, Rudder and Throttle. There is no alternative I think, and thats the essential setup.

Someone hasn’t played VTOL-VR yet…! LOL…

The rest of it…well…I dunno, he has some points. Flying in real life is extremely dynamic…so he is right about the humidity, winds, glare, all that good stuff. But I’d agree that he isn’t really a flight simmer. He is a pilot that tolerates a sim. Me, I started off as a simmer that evolved into a pilot…so perhaps I swam out of the sea onto land whereas he started on land and is walking into the sea. :man_shrugging:


And…he likes the Do228…so the guy can’t be all bad. He is a bush pilot trapped in a transport category pilot body. Aren’t we all?


Well I have! From my Logbook:

Attempted landing number 107, 18 August 2018. Aircraft - Viggen. Struck power line on approach, approximately 27 Nm from threshold. Crashed.

OK, I may have been more at fault :grimacing:

While my Navy career may not have been a regular job (it was an adventure), I somehow found a few minutes here and there to add airplanes and scenery. I find it hard to believe that an airline pilot (for a German aircraft carrier?…what?) cannot.

Regardless, I agree with @smokinhole

In the immortal words of Mr. William Murray…




By my math…you were supposed to be at 8,100’…




Radar or Barometric? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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8100 Ft QFE. :wink:

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