A video we pilots need to see - Mike Patey on DA, icing, and having personal minimums

I lost my first 2 CFIs after 25 hrs to the airlines, but man was I lucky when I found the third one. He was a safety minded instructor, who pounded hard on the fact that there are the regs and there are personal minimums. Never break the second, no matter the pressure. It may cost you a friendship but never a life.


I love that guy and his content. That video is on point! His shop is about 90 miles away from me. I need to take the trip one day.

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Thanks for the heads-up. Now I have yet another channel to watch! I particularly liked the Q&A session when bloncalirio (spelling?) joined the panel. Cheers

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I remember interviewing for a contractor King Air pilot gig back in 2010 for the Ohio University. One of the questions I was asked was ‘What are your personal minimums? ‘. When I answered, “whatever the approach plate says” the young man who asked the question seemed a little shocked.