A10 Panels- how to use them?

Hell, if it’s to spite @EinsteinEP I’ll make it FIVE dollars for you!

Ah it’s really not that much work! Get a sheet of aluminium or some strong plastic material, draw a big ol’ circle of the cut-out space. Then make a hole in the center the size of your switch, then you only need to put them in there. Fasten the front panel to it and you are good to go! If you wan’t want to mess around with electronics then get a bodner board and plug them in there, there’s standard functionality for most things if I recall correctly(never used them myself).

I think the physical work can be done over a few lazy evenings with some time here and there!

Truth to be told, I really don’t have the space to put this stuff up.
And I’m not really too practical with this stuff.
And I’m… like… sared of switches.

And wife said no.

No, really- I look at them, I like them but can’t be ar$3d…

EDIT: I’m not really really selling them… Just, it’s a funny moment- so let’s just say I’m collecting suggestions here and we’ll see. Nothing is set, yet.

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If I were you I’d get the Oxygen Regulator working …quickly man! QUICKLY! Before you suffocate!


I’ve just read through this thread…seems to me adding dials and switches to those panels is a rather simple process…one could finish it in a weekend.

The hard bit seems to be actually getting them to work…just say’n…OK, back to coloring.


:smiley: No worries, Sir.
Also I appreciate aviationist humor! :grin:


Listen to the big immoveable building for storing aircraft, it’s correct! :wink: