A2A B-17 now for P3Dv5

Yes, A2A released the epic accusim B-17 for P3Dv5!!!
And to celebrate Xmas and this moment, their P3D products are in a very rare A2A sale of 40% discount!

When every one are with xp11 and msfs, both very good sims with their pros vs cons, P3Dv5 still be the master lord king for 4 prop birds.
Flight Replicas B-24, DC-4
Pilots B314
A2A Connie (the most sexy airliner ever made), B17
Default C130
Soon™ PMDG DC-6

In xp11 after years of release we have what? no 4 prop birds… (big shame)
In msfs for the tendency of only g1000 pocket aircraft and future jets from PMDG, not even on dreams we have these kind of aircraft there so soon.

So, in my disc msfs and xp11 and p3d coexist in harmony and very well, and if you ask me which one is the best, my answer: depends of what i wanna fly for today :smiley:
(i even still have installed xp10 because xp pmdg dc-6 and fsx because a2a b377 :wink: )

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I bought the A2A B-17 as well. Super excited about it.

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this is both great and bad at the same time :slight_smile:

I mean its never ending lineup… I can see you are missing AeroflyFS2 there, its on sale right now :wink:

:slight_smile: my full list of installed ones, includes AFS2, Condor Soaring 2, PSX, Elite XTS, … recently i even still had installed the Fly!2 with their PMDG addon.