A2A Constellation + captain of the ship released FSX/P3D

Not the best vid but he shows off quite a few features. Would love a Mudspike review. With this bird, my interest in P3d id piqued again

With Flight Sim Labs’ Concorde being such a disappointment, I’ve been half jonseing for another complex FSX aircraft, half dreading spending another dollar on FSX. I like the way A2A approaches their “serious” aircraft, especially with the hangar and maintenance/wear simulations, and the Connie would be a great aircraft to get - big enough to make serious IFR flights, but also a great classic.

I might pick it up, but only after I get over FSL ConcordeX.

[edit: I just noticed that they’ve updated Concorde X to 1.37. The changelog gives a cryptic description: "...maintenance release that updates the Concorde-X for FSX to fix the bug with the ADI tilting after loading a saved flight and to make it compatible with the latest A320-X for FSX binaries."

how about P3D? just asking…