A3: CH-53 Super Stallion


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RobJ continues to digging in the Arma 3 sandbox much to the delight of us rotorheads. This time he’s created a custom mission for those of us that are keen to fly Rocket’s awesome CH-53E Super Stallion across war torn Altis. RobJ’s Steam Workshop contributions have been a great asset to the Arma community. His…


I play a little of Arma 3, mainly do the “High Command” stuff. I bought the module where the helicopter flight models are more sophisticated but have not yet really done anything with it. Is it difficult to configure one’s joystick to the game?


Not very difficult - there’s a lot of control mapping in ARMA3, but nothing near as much as in DCS, and the joystick setup is pretty simple compared to flight sims. I quite enjoy flying the littlebird in ARMA, it feels great to fly combat taxi service for your friends in multiplayer…


Exactly what @Krautwald said - I basically just have some trim, autopilot hover hold toggle, sling load assistant, and sling load on/off mapped to controls (and gun if you are flying something like the little bird with rockets). Oh…and flares/chaff if so equipped. And it is definitely fun flying helos for other squadmates as long as you don’t kill them or put them down in the wrong place. I’d love to see more missions that include the Taru and the various pods it can carry (repair, rearm, medical, and troop carrier)…but it doesn’t seem to be a popular helo for some reason…



Thanks guys. I think I’m going to explore this further and start mapping out a profile for my warthog. Do some flying in Arma 3 me things. So many “flight sims” now, so little time.


If you need a hand - give a shout. We have quite a few Arma pilots around here (I think @Fridge has quite a bit of Arma stick time!)