A3 - Drone Warfare

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We take a quick tour of some of the fun that can be had with Arma 3’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles… Semantics – Drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)? Well, technically A3 “drones” can be both, so maybe Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) would be most appropriate since it considers the totality of the vehicle and the…


Nice pictures! I honestly didn’t really have the time to read everything, yet- but I spotted a mistypo. You wrote somewhere “knowing wear to look” (CTRL + F it you’ll find it fast).
I imagine you wanted to write “knowing ewww to look”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you for the quick spot…! Corrected. That’s what happens when my fingers go faster than my brain. :smiley:

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Really pleasant read! Thanks for this tutorial :grin:
Just joking but I did learn a lot thanks to your article, I had no idea the drone gameplay had been so fleshed out.

A very interesting read! I’m still working my way through Operation Flashpoint so I’m afraid I cannot say anything about the ARMA3 features…really.

Being a former intelligence officer who has spent a bit of time tasking, working with and using the “take” from Pred and Global Hawk, I found your comments about reconnaissance UAV’s accurate.

In the section entitled , “Location, Location, Location” you captured a major strength of a recce UAV like Pred. Hang around, out of sight and earshot, and just focus on a target. In the real world the “Hang around” time–“dwell time” is normally measured in hours…lots and lots of hours…before you see something of interest…and many times you see nothing at all. Hopefully the action in ARMA3 is a bit more exciting.

Regarding “Sentient drones…” welcome to the real world. To “pilot” a Global Hawk, one does not use stick and throttle but a keyboard. Everything a GH does once the engine is started all the UAV. Takeoff–mission–landing…all hands off. Missions changes are sent as fully articulated changes, i.e. “Instead of going here, go over there…thanks GH.”

I loved working with GH when I was in Japan for Operation TOMODACHI in 2011–the US military’s Joint Task Force mission to support Japan’s efforts at dealing with the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. The thing has unbelievable dwell time and provided great imagery that was unclassified, meaning we could share it with everybody working the problem. Among many other things, we used it for “The Great Boat Hunt” (looking for fishing boats that had been carried far inland by the tsunami - the idea, salvage as many as possible to get the fishing fleet going again) and regular shots of the “damaged” (more like totally destroyed) reactors. (For NavyNuc99 - the things use a one loop system and when those pipes got knocked loose by the H2 explosions…you do the math).

But I digress - a great feature article that I recommend we all bookmark for the future. I’m betting a lot of BeachAV8R’s comments and observations will become reality.:sunglasses:


Thanks for the kind words…

Yes - thankfully most of our sims compress action into playable time-frames :slight_smile: Otherwise, yes, we’d all be endlessly circling the skies just waiting for a target of opportunity to pop up.

Yeah, that’s a really cool feature. I’ve always found it interesting that most people don’t realize how HUGE a Global Hawk is - once you see it next to a person, you realize that is a full size aircraft…

Wow - that is really interesting that they were used in that unique way. Thanks again for the comments and observations…!

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