A3 - Global Mobilization "State Scarlet"

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Cold war gone hot! – We take a look at the 10-mission, single-player campaign included with the Global Mobilization DLC for Arma 3… Global Mobilization Released in the Spring of 2019, Global Mobilization became the first official third-party Creator DLC for Arma 3 (A3). A collaboration between Vertexmacht and Bohemia Interactive has brought some interesting…


[Eric looks left, right, left. “Really? Nobody has anything to say?” It’s been a busy week I guess.]

Another nice one, @BeachAV8R. And thanks! You’ve almost talked me into it. I put ARMA on the shelf once VR captured my heart three years ago. But even when I was moderately active I found my own ineptitude to be hard to overcome. I guess I should have chosen a path that did not involve testosterone, tactics or a steady aim. Oh wait! I did! But next Steam sale I will dust off the TrackIR cap and enjoy hours of hiding behind a rock until those bad commies go away.


Ha…yeah…it would really be something if we got native VR support for A3. I have dabbled with it in VR using vorpX, but the end result really isn’t all that satisfying. I particularly love the slower paced recon/plan/execute missions where I feel I have a chance…and I always enjoy non-linear play. The ability to rearm and scavenge weapons from soldiers or vehicles is a neat feature that always feels like a bit of an adventure game.

A3 content can be hit or miss for sure. Steam Workshop missions vary greatly in quality…but I’ve managed to find some fun ones.

It’s a bit of a dated concept, but I made a UH-1 Huey transport scenario for Weferlingen and RHS and Len Cold War Aircraft, way before 1.2 of GM landed: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1735571089
I hope I one day find the time to update it further to use the GM air assets!

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I saw that when going over the Steam Workshop and am excited to give it a whirl(ybird)… The 1.2 helicopters and fixed wing planes are fun. It is shame there isn’t a small airbase to use in the terrain, although roads and fields work fine. And I think someone did make an airbase template for it as well…

From what I know the lack of an airfield is intentional, as the terrain intends to be a 1:1 replication of the inner German border back from the 1980ies. And there’s just no airfield so close to the border. For gameplay purposes, however … one may differ with the map makers design decision.

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Yeah…I’m not very knowledgeable about how you mission and campaign designers make stuff…but can you “import” an airfield or FARP into a different terrain? Is it just an object you can add in the mission editor or is it way more complicated than that?

Depends on how the airfield/FARP/fortification is setup initially. The Arma 3 3D editor Eden can be used to assemble different objects and save them as ‘composition’. This ‘composition’ can then be re-used in missions and altered subsequently.

But you cannot copy/paste for example the Chernarus airfield onto Weferlingen, as the Chernarus airfield terrain objects are ‘baked’ into the terrain and not a ‘composition’.

Also I admit I’m not very knowledgeable on how those compositions are shared between mission developers. Maybe there’s a library somewhere on Armaholic or the steam workshop?

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I like this Autobahn airfield… :slight_smile:

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Or…I guess you could…

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I haven’t found the airfield template anywhere, so I just went ahead and changed the Huey with the CH-53 and uploaded https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2246639188 - Helo Over Weferlingen. Enjoy :slight_smile: Hope it works, it’s barely tested.

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Sweet…I’ll give it a go!

i want that plane in DCS, lol.

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