A4E Install Failed no Saved Games\Saved Games

two things about the installation, from a newbies perspective with a brand new virgin install of DCS open beta.

First I didn’t have a Saved Games\Saved Games folder I have:

C:\Users\Mike_Sr\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\

Secondly to me the phrase, “Place the Mods\aircraft\A-4E-C” indicated that it was the A-4E-C folder not the complete Folder Path, had I bought a Mod I would have been obvious, maybe :)?

Two things, not sure whether they should be in Installation or Troubleshooting.

If you have a brand new DCS installation with no additional Mods, you may not have a Mods Folder, in this case copy the extracted Mods Folder and all of it’s content to your DCS Folder. In my case it looks like this.

C:\Users\Mike_Sr\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\aircraft\A-4E-C

This worked for me.


Glad that you got it sorted out. I’m just wrapping up Stephen R Gray’s Rampant Raider and have been dipping my toes a little in the Scooter. It’s a twitchy little beast, but a lot of fun to fly. Once you get used to its flight characteristics, it is one of the easiest a/c to A2A refuel in. A slow sipper though, so you ride the basket for quite a while.


Do the radios work in that? I mean comms to/from the DCS AI (Tower, marshal, etc?). Used to be that was one [big] thing ED wouldn’t give you access to unless it was ‘official’.

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Not sure if it works completely but it works well enough to contact ground crew and tanker.

I know the developers “hacked” DCS in a few ways to get the functionality they needed without the official SDK and even reported the vulnerabilities they used to ED.

IIRC they look through the stuff DCS puts in memory to find the locations of other units in order to display ships on the radar scope and know where to point the TACAN needle when tuned to the tanker frequency.

Glad you got it working @spiritualmadman ! I LOVE the Scooter, hope you enjoy it too.

Don’t forget to map separate left/right wheel brakes and tap them carefully when steering to avoid slipping the inside wheel.


I spoke to the tanker and the deck crew on the SC last night on com 1. Didn’t try the rest. One thing that I forgot to mention to @spiritualmadman is that the operating manual is on the kneeboard. Most of what you need to know about flying the thing resides there. That and SideKick’s YouTube channel.